Start Running for Beginners

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Running? It’s so easy!

Do not worry about speed, distance, pace or speed. Let’s not worry about distance, pace, or speed.
Follow the instructions and go as you please.

Focus on your running technique. It is important to get outside and run.

The goal is to increase your jogging speed. There is nothing else that matters right now.

+ A personal running coach
+ Couch to 5K (c25k), alternative training plan
+ Detail statistics for each training
+ Distance, speed, and pace tracker
+ GPS-route for every session
+ Built-in pedometer
+ Calorie counter
+ Personal workouts
+ Voice feedback

This workout plan can be broken down into four levels. Each level has a different goal for the duration of your jogging.

* The goal for Level 1 is 20 minutes.
* Level 2 goal: 30 minutes
* The goal for Level 3 is to complete 40 minutes.
* The goal for Level 4 is to run for 60 minutes.

Each level includes a duration of 4 weeks and 3 workouts each week.

Run with us!

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