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Square Point of Sales is a free app that allows you to sell wherever and however your customers desire. All aspects of your point-of-sale are integrated, including inventory, payments, item, payment, analytics, eCommerce and CRM. There are no termination fees, monthly fees or startup fees. When you make a purchase, all that is required to process your card is payment. It’s that simple.


Accept credit card payments at the same rate with Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Square Reader is available for Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless and chip card payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay everywhere. Accept touch-free payments using the Square Register, Square Stand, and Square apps on your mobile devices. You can also differentiate payment using gift cards that are part of your POS system or Square Dashboard. You can send custom invoices directly from your POS to customers via a mobile device or laptop. Square Checking allows you to access funds immediately after a sale. You can also transfer funds to an external bank account for a fee or receive transfers free of charge in between one and two business days. You can process custom or itemized payments from your POS system, or your online Square Dashboard. 2.6% +10C/PER TAP, DIP SCAN, SWIPE, OR TAP. You will receive $97.30 back in your bank account if you charge $100 for a single transaction. Accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards at the same time. Online invoices can be sent for free at 2.9% + 30C/

Check out

* You can personalize your menu by adding toppings, add-ons or other requests. Receipts will show any modifiers that were applied to an item. You can quickly access the most frequently used items, discounts, and categories you need to keep your customers happy and your line moving. * Register or wirelessly connect Terminal with any Square POS device, whether it’s an Android tablet, smartphone, or iPad. Customers can view their itemized carts and pay easily from a secure distance with a separate checkout screen. You can upload multiple items and manage them all from one place, the Square Dashboard. * You can request a refund for specific items within a transaction. Refunds will be made after taking into account any applicable taxes or discounts.


Accept swiped card payments if your internet service is temporarily unavailable. If your internet service is restored, offline payments will be processed immediately. They expire 72 hours after processing. Customers should be provided with printed or digital receipts. Allow customers to split the bill or use multiple tenders to make payment.

Other Features



You can sell online and in your store with your inventory and sales automatically synced to your POS. You can send your customers a link to checkout via email or Square Marketing campaigns. Or let your customers make purchases at their own convenience by sharing the link on social media and your blog. *

Inventory Management

You will receive a daily email with information about items in short supply or out of stock. This will ensure that you don’t run out again. Sync your POS to inventory management software partners such as Shopventory and SKU IQ. Stitch Labs is also available. Sync your POS to inventory management software partners such as Shopventory, SKU IQ and Stitch Labs. *

Team Management

Track your team’s hours, manage access and protect sensitive information in your POS. To optimize labor costs, identify top performers and leverage powerful data. *

Reporting and Insights

Square Dashboard and advanced reporting options allow you to gain new insight into your business. You can access top-line metrics like gross sales, sales count, refunds, and more by time period. You can access top-line metrics like gross sales, sales count and refunds according to time period.

Get Paid

* With Credit Card Payment * Via Invoice * Online * Over The Phone * With QR Code The POS App To Sell Anywhere

We update our apps regularly to make sure they’re at 100%, so we suggest turning on automatic updates on devices running Square Point of Sale.

Thanks for selling with Square. Questions? We’re here to help: square.com/help.

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