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Google’s speech-to text and text-to-speech technology can power your device.

Google Speech-to Text functionality

Speech Services allows you to translate what you say into text. It can be used by Google Maps, where you can use your voice to find places * Google Recorder App to record your calls * Phone App Call Screen to receive a transcription of your caller * Accessibility applications like Voice Access that allow you to operate your Android device using voice commands * Voice-to-text apps such as Voice Access that let you quickly search for songs or shows * Language learning apps that can recognize what you speak * Many other apps in the Play Store. To enable Google Speech-to Text functionality on your Android device, visit Settings > Notifications > Ass Apps > Ass Apps > Google Speech Services Apps > Assistant App. Choose Speech Services by Google to be your preferred voice input device.

Google Text-to-Speech functionality

Speech Services allows you to aloud read the text displayed on your screen. It can be used, for example, by: * Google Play Books to read aloud your favorite book * Google Translate to hear translations aloud to understand the pronunciation of words * Talkback and accessibility apps to provide spoken feedback on your Android device. To enable Google Text-to Speech functionality, go to Settings > Languages > Text-to Speech output. Choose Speech Services by Google to be your preferred engine. You can download the latest version of Speech Services by Google from this link.

Your app has a new name: “Speech Services by Google” and a new logo. The app also supports new functionality. The Speech Services by Google app not only provides text-to-speech but also empowers applications with speech-to-text functionality to convert your voice to text. Read more in the “About this app” section.

How to install Speech Services by Google app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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Tap "Install" to download Speech Services by Google from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.