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With just an Android phone and a pair headphones, Sound Amplifier makes everyday conversations more accessible to people with hearing impairments. Sound Amplifier can filter, enhance, and amplify sounds in your environment and on your phone. Android 8.1 or later devices are eligible for this feature. Connect your headphones to Sound Amplifier and go to Settings >Accessibility > Sound Amplifier.


To recognize speech more clearly, reduce unwanted noise. Conversation mode allows you to focus on the speaker’s voice even in noisy environments. Available for Pixel 3 or higher. * Listen to TV and conversations. Bluetooth headphones are recommended for audio sources further away. Bluetooth headphones may delay sound transmission. * You can personalize your listening experience to include conversations or media that are being played on your device. You can adjust the volume or reduce noise to make it more pleasant. You can set your preferences for both ears, or for each ear separately. * You can turn the Sound Amplifier off by using the accessibility button, gesture or Quick Settings. Find out more about the accessibility gesture, Quick Settings and Quick Settings.

* Make Sound Amplificator more accessible by adding it your app list. Turn on the “Show icon within the app list” option in Sound Amplifier Settings.


* Only available for Android 8.1 or later. Pair your Android phone with headphones. * Conversation mode is available for Pixel 3 and higher. Send us your feedback on Sound Amplifier by emailing: [email protected]. Get help with Sound Amplifier by contacting us at


Notice on Permissions



Sound Amplifier will have access to the microphone to process the audio for amplification or filtering. There is no data collection or storage. *

Accessibility Service

This app is an accessibility tool and can monitor your actions, retrieve content from the window, and see text you write.

• Use conversation mode to hear one-on-one conversations better in noisy environments (Pixel 3 and above)
• Improved performance and noise reduction
• Get easier access to audio controls, a new visualizer, and a personalized design that matches your wallpaper

How to install Sound Amplifier app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Sound Amplifier from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.