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Sky Tonight

This app allows you to explore the sky using astronomical apps. It allows stargazers to answer three common questions: What is the bright dot in my sky? What are the astronomical events I can see tonight? How do I locate the object I am interested in? Star Walk app developers.

Sky Tonight

It is a flexible stargazing tool that can be customized to suit different users’ needs. You can change the appearance of the constellation, create a reminder for any configuration of space bodies, explore the unique relative trajectory to observer, and set up a magnitude limit that will filter out other space objects.

Sky Tonight features

Point your device at a sky for real-time position data on the interactive skymap. > Use the Time Machine to determine the positions of celestial bodies during different times periods. > You can use the augmented reality mode to overlay the sky map on the image taken with your device’s camera. Tap on any name to access additional information about any sky object. The What’s New section keeps you informed about the latest developments in astronomy. To make nighttime sky observation more enjoyable, turn on the night mode. Filter objects according to their visual brightness. Control the brightness of the objects on the skymap. > Find dozens of asterisms in the sky map, along with their official constellations. > You can adjust the visible constellations to customize the representation on your screen.

Unique features:


Interactive trajectories relative a observer

The app displays the object’s path relative to an observer instead of the traditional trajectory. The sky object will be moved to the chosen point by long-touching the trajectories. To change the time, touch the track with your finger while you hold it. *

Flexible search

The flexible search allows you to quickly locate space objects and navigate between different types of objects and events. The app will display all related objects, events and articles if you search for “stars”, mars moons, mars conjunctions, solar eclipse, or “stars”. In the search section, you will also find Recent and Trending categories. The first category displays the most recent news, events or objects. The second contains items you have recently selected. *

Reminders for events that can be customized

You can set event reminders for any date and time you want to not miss a full moon, a solar eclipse or other star-planet configuration. *

Astronomy calendar featuring a stargazing index, weather forecast and an astronomy calendar

The celestial calendar includes eclipses, meteor showers and oppositions as well as conjunctions and other exciting events. Find out what astronomy events are scheduled for this month and what occurred in the sky last year! Check out the Stargazing Index, which is calculated using a Moon phase, light pollution and cloudiness as well as the time an object is visible. This index will indicate how good the conditions for observation are.

Sky Tonight is all you need to plan your stargazing.

Premium Access:

* Premium Access is available for a fee. You can get Premium Access to Sky Tonight without any limits. You won’t be able to see all the interface items, including Calendar, Visible Tonight, Search, and Calendar. You are limited in your ability to plan and improve your observations. Premium Access allows you to access all interface items in any view. You can also make use of all the app’s functions. To ensure that you are not interrupted by advertisements, we will also remove them.

We've worked a lot to make Sky Tonight better for you.
- Completely reinvented astronomical calendar
- User-requested improvements in Visible Tonight,
- Modified control panel with most frequently used options,
- List of favorite objects,
- Full control with bottom navigation buttons
- Improved search engine
and much more.
Enjoy the app while we continue improving it.

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