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This simple app allows you to keep track of your eating habits, track weight loss and track water intake. Learn how to fast and lose weight with Simple, a meal planner, fasting tracker and app that tracks your diet, weight loss, food intake, and water consumption (yes, you must drink enough water!) features. It’s the most trusted weight loss method, with hundreds of millions of people worldwide using it.

Simple offers the following features in a nutshell:

– Intetmittent Fasting Tracker
– Weight loss tracker;
– Water tracker and reminder
– Nutrition tracker.

What is intermittent fasting (IF), and how can it be beneficial?

It is one of the oldest eating patterns known to man and anyone can use it. To set your schedule, you can alternate between eating and fasting and use the Simple intermittent Fasting tracker app. You can fast for 16 hours and then eat 8 hours (8:8 fasting).

IF doesn’t tell you what foods you should avoid or how many calories you need to eat. It’s not a diet plan that will help you lose weight. It simply asks you to eat zero calories for a specified period of time each day.

It’s worth downloading this simple fasting app. You can lose weight, improve metabolic flexibility, and lower the risk of developing metabolic diseases by fasting for as little as 12 hours. You can restore normal body processes that have been affected by frequent eating with this small lifestyle change. Just make sure you drink water during the fasting period. The best part is that the Simple app has a meal planner and food tracker. You will find the app’s water reminder to be your best friend during fasting.

How do I start IF?
Fasting doesn’t require you to be an expert on fasting or download any fasting apps. Simple will help you reach your health goals and guide you. Simple is more than a fasting app. This app provides health, weight loss, cognitive power, and intermittent fasting.

This easy-to-use fasting app will prepare a program, teach you about IF and help you calculate fasting times mindfully and easily.

What does Simple offer you?
Daily personalized tips and life hacks
Expert advice – Flexible and smart tracking
You can set a fasting reminder or start/end your fasts in one click.
Guide to Intermittent Fasting – Step-by-Step
Tips for developing a healthy eating routine
– Fasting protocols customized
For mindful eating, a simple-to-use recipe journal is available

The Simple app has fasting protocols:
– A 16:8 fast (16-hour fasting and 8-hour eating), 5;2, 18:6, 20.4, 14:10
– OMAD: One meal per day
– Circadian Rhythm Fasting

Additional products can be purchased through this free fasting app.

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