Rat On A Skateboard

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Donut Games
5.61 MB

Get your board ready for a fun, kick-flippin’ ride down Banana Harbor

Rat On A Skateboard has a fun side-scroller that is easy to learn!
To accumulate points, grind handrails and stomp on trash cans. Be careful not to trip on boxes or obstacles.

You can choose from RANDOMLY generated tracks or 80 hand-crafted tracks.

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*3 game modes
– POWER STUNTS – Perform tricks without falling on basket balls
BANANA HARBOR – Help! It’s pouring banana peels!
– CHALLENGES – 80 tracks to master
– Perform delightful stunts for higher scores
– Power-ups
2 touch control options
Donut Games’ 3-star system has a higher replay value.
– Collectors Icon #24
– Plus, many other things…

* Rat On a Skateboard is completely free of ads and available at no cost. You can access the first game mode and 5 challenges from the start.
Premium upgrades are available as an optional, one-time purchase in-app. They allow you to access more levels and game modes.

We believe in fair pricing: Pay once and own forever!

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Donut Games: Another release!

- Immersive fullscreen on all devices
- Premium will now unlock automatically for anyone who've previously purchased either Premium or the old "Remove Ads" IAP
- A reminder from the last release: No more ads! Instead, the game comes with a bunch of free levels. And buying Premium (a one-time IAP) will add additional content for those who want more... fair and square!

Thanks for standing by Donut Games. Being a small indie game company, we really appreciate any and all support we can get.

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