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Water is the key to better living
?Water Tracker and Drink Reminder with Adorable and Living Plants

? Plant Nanny is a personalized water tracker and reminder game that helps you to drink more water, hydrate better and keep your body healthy. With one app, you will never forget to drink water and can also collect cute plants.

Are you unsure how much water you should drink? Plant Nanny will create a personalized water drinking plan for you, complete with reminders and interactive charts. This will allow you to keep track of your water intake and schedule. The little plants of Plant Nanny will lift your spirits, improve your health, as well as help you develop good habits for drinking water.


Monthly Hydration Challenge: Drink water every day to earn rewards and surprise gift boxes Stay motivated by completing the monthly challenge!

Subscribe to Plant Nanny Full Version to Get Access to Exclusive Plants, Personality Reminders, Custom Daily Goals, Hydration Tracking Widgets and More!
Hydrate Happily: Unlock 50+ exclusive plants and 1 monthly limited edition plant. Available every month!
Plant-care is Selfcare – A widget that showcases plants and provides 7 reminder options.
You can set your own pace – Set your goals and drink schedule.
Cultivate Creativity: 5 daily challenges, 5 hydration buddies and custom plant names.

Water is vital for our health. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, skin issues, and other serious health problems. Plant Nanny2 is an adorable water reminder app. It keeps track of your water intake and motivates you to drink more water.

Every glass of water you consume helps to grow Plant Nanny2 plants so that you both can thrive. You can set a daily schedule to collect plants and grow them. Take good care of your plants and keep them hydrated.

Plant Nanny2 allows you to grow plants and keep yourself healthy with the built-in water-drinking reminders and tracker.

Based on your body’s needs, here are some suggestions for water to hydrate.
? Automated water reminders and alarms that fit your life when you need to drink more water
? Based on your individual data and exercise habits, suggestions for the appropriate amount
? You can set up automated reminders to remind you when it is time to drink water. This will help you establish a habit of drinking water consistently.
? It is easy to set the right measuring units for each glass
? You can earn rewards for your regular water use, as well as small missions that will encourage you to keep going and achieve your water consumption goals.

? Simple interfaces and charts with water tracker hydration monitoring
? Graphics that track and encourage you to hydrate.
? You can quickly track your water consumption and view weekly, monthly, and daily trends.
? Simple design and user-friendly interface allow you to easily develop good habits

? A wide range of beautiful and lively plants
? Every glass of water you drink also water the plants. This allows you to grow and thrive together.
? You can find many different types of containers and pots. Create your own plant family!
? You can unlock and collect many different plants and interact with strange new creatures.

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To quickly find a solution, visit Plant Nanny > Menu> Settings > FAQ. To contact our “Garden Assistant”, (customer service), tap the envelope icon at the top right. 🙂

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Grow with water-loving plants!
Garden engineers have optimized and drive away some bugs. (bye!)

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