Peace With Food

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Peace With Food
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This app was created by a registered dietitian and a Ph.D counselor. *Rated the best app by
Experts in intuitive eating. *

Your mindspace and hunger cues are disrupted by dieting. You can instead “stay in the grey” and avoid excess weight and overeating. Both of these things will lead to chaos eating and extra weight. Peace with Food App has a specially-designed Rhythm Tracker that allows you to monitor your body at all times of the day, and at every meal/snack. This will allow you to be more intentional about tasting and enjoying your food, while also focusing on your hunger cues and fullness. Beautiful. This is peace and food.

You can let go of your mind and re-discover your internal rhythms. Let go of the guilt and feel confident in your body.

+ Access to our growing library of Peace With Food Videos…Intuitive Eaters professionals answering your most frequently asked questions.
+ Rhythm Tracker helps you “stay-in the-gray” throughout your day.
+ Find out specially written “bite-sized questions & answers” about peace and food.
You can set up a personalized frequency for notifications and “end of the day” settings to check in with your body.
+ Contact information for certified professionals who specialize in
Answering your questions and/or providing additional assistance (if needed) towards
Finding peace with food.
+ Get an invitation to the private Peace With Food Facebook Group for more encouragement

Your body already has a unique rhythm… find it again.

Get full access for a free trial! (You won’t automatically be

“As an antidiet practitioner, Peace With Food app empowers me.
Clients with tools to learn to trust their bodies.” – AB Kinsey

“This app has helped me recognize my body’s hunger and fullness.” Jen

“I have been a dieter for more years than I can remember. The app is interactive and simple to use. These videos are amazing to watch! !” -Shelly

“I love the fact that you can control how often the app checks in with your, and these check-ins help you stay focused and reflect on what you are feeling. There is NO calorie counting, no food pictures, no hidden diet lingo. Sam: “I LOVE the PwF app!”

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