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You don’t need to wait in line for a scanner, or spend a lot of money on a scanner. With e-cam scanners you can scan directly from your smartphone. The PDF-scanner and Document scanner are quick to scan text and images. Scannable is easy to use. Users can scan any type of document with the Doc scanner via their phone camera.

The Scanner app is ideal for backing up personal documents such as your driver’s license, passport, and ID card. Cam scanner offers two scanning modes that can be used to save time and help you scan multiple documents simultaneously. Cam scanner can convert to JPG or PDF image files depending on what you need for sharing or exporting files. This PDF scanner is ideal for anyone who scans documents at school, work, or wherever else. Get PDF-scanner to enjoy the best Document scanner.


– You can scan images directly from your camera, or scan them from a gallery. You will get the best quality picture. – Unlimited scanning, continuous scanning and multiple scans. – Quickly and easily scan any file format. – Flashlight to scan in low light


After scanning documents, scannable/doc scanner can adjust them with cropping and image rotation. Smart crop automatically recognizes the document and crops it to the ideal ratio.

Expert in managing and creating PDF files

Create PDF files quickly and export or share scanned images. Sort files by name, size, or date of creation according to your needs. You can choose from three file views: grid one, grid two and grid three.


Scanner app Cam scanner exports files of extremely high quality. You can export either a PDF or JPG file. Why you should download the Cam scanner and PDF scanner – The fastest growing PDF-scanner. This document scanner converts your smartphone’s camera into a powerful document scanner. Free Scannable: Scan assignments, notes and invoices, as well as books, to scan any paper. This amazing Camera Scanner converts images into PDF. – Scanner App – View all your scans with the Cam scanner. There are 6 filters: Original, B/W. Gray, Magic Colour 1, Magic Colour 2 and White Magic. – Scan and share PDFs easily via email, cloud or other media. Clear and Simple Scanning – Remove any noises or grains from documents to create a clean, scanned PDF. It will make scanning and storing documents easier and more efficient with the Cam scanner and Document scanner. You can scan with the scanner feature to get high quality images and flexible file formats that will suit your needs. The PDF scanner is an alternative to document scanners. Get PDF-scanner now to scan documents quickly and easily with your smartphone.

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