OfficeSuite: Word, Sheets, PDF

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OfficeSuite is the smart option for office productivity.

All the features you need to create, edit, and read Word docs, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs. OfficeSuite is the most powerful and feature-rich solution available for personal or professional mobile use. Compatible with many file formats – Microsoft Office 365 docs and Google docs. OpenOffice is also available.

All the OfficeSuite features you want

Our mobile office app allows you to create and edit Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides, and other files. Our PDF converter makes it easy to convert documents. To save all files, link your Google Drive account, OneDrive or Box accounts. Mobile documents editor for Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides: * Powerful applications that can handle any file format. Format painter, track modifications, conditional formatting and formulas, as well as presentation mode, are just a few of the many advanced features available. Our PDF converter allows you to export Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint slides to PDF. * Advanced security options. * All files saved to your Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox account.

Advanced PDF Management

* PDF documents reader. * PDF files editor. Filler for PDF documents. Fillable forms are available. * Sign PDF documents digitally * Improved security and permissions management. * Convert PDF to Word, Excel, or ePub.

Mobile office – Built for mobile work

* Cloud storage integrated for easy access to files – Get 5GB on our MobiDrive cloud, or link your existing Google Drive or OneDrive accounts. The office mobile pack offers cross-platform connectivity to link your Windows PC to all your Android or iOS mobile devices. * Compatible with most file formats – Microsoft docs and Google docs as well as OpenOffice, Apple’s iWork, Google docs and OpenOffice. It is easy to use and optimized for Android 4.0. You can use the PDF editor to create, fill and convert PDF files.

With ease, create and edit files and other documents

You can convert Word docs to PDF using the mobile documents editor. You can work on any type doc anywhere. You can take your office mobile package wherever you go to edit and create docs as often as you need them. Get OfficeSuite for free. Start a 7-day trial to see everything it has to offer, including the documents editor and all other advanced tools and features. Our flexible pricing plans, both monthly and annually, allow you to choose the best solution for you.

Mobile document editor for Word docs and Excel Sheets.

To save all files, link your mobile office with your OneDrive, OneDrive or Dropbox accounts. It can be used with file formats such as Google Docs and OpenOffice. Premium benefits include: 50GB of storage on MobiDrive * Unlimited use of the PDF converter * 20+ advanced features. * Premium can be used on 2 mobile devices and 1 Windows PC. * No ads

OfficeSuite 13 is here!
Editing features across all modules have been overhauled and now appear as easy-to-use, expandable menus at the bottom of the screen.
This allows you to view edits in real time, speeding up your workflow and boosting your productivity.
If you haven't already, download OfficeSuite and enjoy a next-level editing experience.

How to install OfficeSuite: Word, Sheets, PDF app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download OfficeSuite: Word, Sheets, PDF from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.