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Notes – The Best Android Notes App 2022

Get the Notes Notebook, Notepad now and you will be one of 10,000,000+ people around the globe who can take notes quickly and easily.

? Notes is a notebook that allows you to quickly take notes and create to-do lists.

? Notepad is a free, all-in-one note-taking tool that saves and organizes your notes.

? Notes are stored in a backup and synchronized. Save notes quickly, avoid losing them.

? Note is a notebook that allows you to store great notes quickly and securely.

Why Notes – Notebook is the best choice

    Quickly create thousands of notes on your smart phone
    To make it easy to keep track of everything, create many checklists
    All circumstances supported by auto-save
    You can easily restore or find deleted notes in your trash
    Backup and sync feature help you avoid losing your notes
    You can use the note app on multiple devices
    You can easily change the color, font size, and text format.
    You can customize with over 50+ themes and 20+ personalized note themes
    Quick note in one-touch with shortcut feature

Top-of-the-line unlimited note maker

Notes was designed to be a notebook. It allows you to quickly and easily take notes of all your ideas, stories, confidants or passwords. You can create thousands of notes and to-do lists with Note Unlimited Notes.

Store important notes, no data loss


Allows you to quickly create notes with your smartphone from anywhere and anytime.

The sync feature allows you to back up your notes and data, restore them, and then sync with your Google Drive account. This helps prevent data loss.

You can also sync data to sync notes across different devices.

All cases automatically save notes

Note has an auto-save feature that allows you to save all your notes regardless of whether you forget to save or run out battery power… This prevents you from losing any of the notes you have made.

Retrieve deleted notes in trash

You can get important notes back or accidentally deleted notes in the recycle bin.

You can delete notes from Notes by going to the Trash section.

You can personalize your notes with different topics

You have the option to choose from over 50+ themes.

Note content and modify the format

Personal notes allow you to change the font color, format, bold, italic or underline, and can also change the font size.

Timer mode reminds you of important notes

With the reminder mode, Note will remind you to not miss important schedules and notes.

It is easy to set reminders so that you don’t forget important tasks.

It’s easy to keep a list of things to do

Notes allows you to quickly take notes and create to-do list quickly.

To-Do lists will allow you to keep track of important tasks and avoid skipping them.

Notes-Notebook & Notepad

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