MyHeritage: Family Tree & DNA

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Find new relatives and explore your roots. Genealogical search tools, an intuitive family tree builder, and genealogical search tools allow you to make incredible discoveries. To map your family history and ancestors effortlessly, join our global community.

Create Your Family Tree Enter a few names and MyHeritage will build your tree. Our genealogical matching technology will automatically locate new information in your vast collection of 81,000,000 family trees, which have been created by users around the globe, as well as in our massive database of 15.7 million historical records. This family tree maker app will help you make amazing discoveries and bring your family history to life. Get instant family history discoveries with MyHeritage’s genealogical searching features. These tools can match your family tree to historical records and other family trees to give you new insight about your ancestors. MyHeritage’s powerful search tools and matching technologies can enrich your family tree. Smart Matches(tm), a unique technology that matches your family tree to other trees, will reveal new information about your family roots. Record Matches is an innovative technology that searches our worldwide historical records database for new information about your ancestors. Instant Discoveries(tm), a feature that adds whole branches and photos to your family trees in one click MyHeritage, a family tree-maker app, is an excellent tool. MyHeritage’s huge database of historical records contains information about your family history. You can find vital records from 66 countries, including birth, marriage, death certificates, census, immigration, gravestone, burial records, and many other records. Deep Nostalgia ™ Do you dream of making your family’s historical photos come to life? You can now see your family tree from a different perspective and animated old photos of your ancestors. MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia ™ feature will bring your family photos to life. You’ll even be able to see the faces of your ancestors move with MyHeritage. Deep Nostalgia ™ lets you animate historical photos to create a short video that makes it feel like your family history has been reenacted in front of your eyes. Deep Nostalgia ™ uses AI technology for historical photos to bring out the best in AI technology and recreate family memories. You can pull out your photo albums to discover your ancestry. DeepStory lets your family photos speak, and allows you to create a video biography that tells the story of an ancestor. You can upload a photo of your ancestor and add details about their lives. Be amazed! Enhance Your Family Tree With Photos Share and capture your family memories, both old and new. Use our AI-based photo tools and scan your family photos from the app to bring your family’s history to life. Photo Repair can repair scratched or damaged photos. Colorize black and white photos and bring blurry faces to focus with the MyHeritage Photo Optimizer. The Photo Storyteller(tm), which records the stories behind family photos, can be saved for future generations. Your unique ethnic makeup is stored in your MyHeritage DNA. It is a simple cheek swab that reveals your genetic heritage in 2,114 geographical regions. This test is more comprehensive than any other. The test also matches you with relatives that you didn’t know existed in our DNA database, which has over 5.2 million people. Your DNA results can be viewed on the app. They are private and secure and will not be sold or shared. Get MyHeritage today and discover your roots using an all-in-one family tree app, photo animator and ancestry searching tool.

Photo Tagger identifies the faces in your photos and groups them together so you can tag all the photos of a person in one go. Tag hundreds of photos in minutes and enrich your family tree. Tap "Photos" from the home screen and tag away!

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