Mushroom War

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The kingdom of mushrooms begins to crumble after long-term war. Many mushrooms were killed in an epidemic that spread quickly and left them exhausted. The mushrooms were infected with viruses and evil thoughts. Infected new species emerged and there was conflict between the good and the evil mushrooms. Your mission is to protect the mushroom kingdom from infected mushrooms. Help your mushroom friend!

– Absorbing 100 stages.
– Simple and straightforward operations
There are many strategies that can be used to defeat your enemies
– Play insanely addictive games.

[How to play]
– To defend against infected mushrooms, save your weapon points and create a mushroom troop.
Upgrade buildings to upgrade weapons, units and weapon points.

[Unit introduction]
Short distance units: Fist and ninja, as well as mercenary mushrooms
Long distance units: Archer and wizard, crossbow mushroom
Protect units: Shield, cavalry, big shield mushroom

Restore 100 free Diamonds every day

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