Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab

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Cornell Lab of Ornithology
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What is that bird? Ask Merlin, the world’s best app for birds. Merlin Bird ID is magic-like and will help you solve the mystery.

Merlin Bird ID allows you to identify the birds you see or hear. Merlin is unique because it uses eBird to power its database of bird sightings and sounds as well as photos.

There are four fun ways that Merlin can help you identify birds. You can answer a few questions, upload photos, and record singing birds.

This app is free and can help you find out more about any bird that you have seen.

* Get expert ID tips, range maps and photos as well as sounds to help you identify birds and improve your birding skills.
* Customized bird lists to help you find the right birds for your location.
* Merlin was designed by bird experts to be accessible to everyone.
* Merlin is a global bird–look up any bird in any place.
* Track your sightings with eBird. This global database contains more than 1,000,000 bird observations.

* powered by Visipedia. Merlin Sound ID, Photo ID and Deep Learning are deep learning programs that identify birds in sounds and photos. Merlin is able to identify bird species based upon a training set of millions of sounds and photos collected by birders at These data are archived at the Macaulay Library of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
* Merlin produces the best results because of experienced birders who annotate and curate sightings, photos and sounds. They are the true magic behind Merlin.

Amazing Content
* Look for bird packs that include photos, songs, calls, and identification aids for any country in the world. This includes Mexico, Costa Rica and South America.
* It is available in your language. Merlin is available in English and Spanish as well as Portuguese, French, Hebrew (Hebrew), Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Simplified Chinese (Traditional Chinese).

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology aims to make bird-related discoveries easier for you and millions of other people. Cornell Lab supporters, Cornell Lab members and citizen-science contributors make it possible to support our nonprofit mission of improving the understanding and protecting birds and nature.

Sound ID is better than over, with additional birds for the United States, Canada and now the common species of Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East! Record the birds you hear, and watch real-time results show up on the screen to help guide you to the correct identification.

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