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Lookout uses computer vision technology to help people with low vision and blindness get more done. Lookout uses your phone’s camera to help you get more information and perform daily tasks like sorting mail and putting away groceries. Lookout was developed with the help of the low-vision and blind community. It supports Google’s mission of making the world’s information accessible to all. Lookout offers six modes to support a range of activities. * NEW: Images mode (beta), which describes the content of an image and provides both a summary as well as detailed information. Text mode allows you to quickly scan text and have it read aloud – useful for sorting mail. * Food labels mode allows you to quickly identify packaged food by the label. More than 20 countries are supported. With Documents mode, you can capture a page of text or handwriting. Currency mode allows you to quickly identify banknotes using Indian Rupees, Euros and US Dollars. * Explore mode (beta), which provides information about objects around you. Lookout is available in more languages than 20 and works on Android 6 or higher. It is recommended that devices with at least 2GB RAM be used. Lookout is available in the Help Center.


• Images mode (beta) can summarize and offer detail about still images.
• In Text and Documents mode, improved reading order for menus, receipts, and other formatted text.
• In Explore mode, Lookout detects objects more accurately.
• In Food Labels mode, Lookout recognizes many more food products in Brazil and India.
• New sound design in Documents mode.

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