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Komoot makes it easy to turn your next run, hike or ride into an adventure. You can get inspired by the community’s knowledge and recommendations. Then, you can bring your adventures to life using the easy route planner. Start your adventure by getting your first region free!

Your Perfect Hiking, Road Cycling or Mountain Bike Adventure

You can choose the perfect route for your sport, whether it’s smooth asphalt for your roadbike, singletracks to your mountain bike, quiet cycling routes for touring, or natural hiking trails to your hikes. The GPS tracker allows you to see your running, walking, and bicycle progress and gives you the ability to plan down to the smallest detail.

Turn-by-Turn GPS Voice Navigation

Turn-by-turn voice navigation is your accurate, down-to the-inch verbal navigator that won’t distract from your surroundings. Navigate with ease on trails and in the woods, by keeping your eyes on the adventure ahead of you.

Offline Trail Maps For Outdoor Adventures

You can download your outdoor adventures and save topographic maps in one click. You can navigate the outdoors even if the internet is not available or unavailable. One glance will allow you to distinguish singletracks, paved roads and mtb trails from terrain.

Highlights: The Komoot Community’s Favorite Places

Highlights on the trail map will help you quickly decide where to go on your next adventure. These places, or segments, appear as red dots in your planner. They include parks, peaks, and points-of-interest. If you are an expert, you can also recommend your favourite places to the community to encourage others to visit them.

Tell Your Story

The GPS tracker allows you to map your running, walking, and bicycle adventures. Add photos, Highlights and tips and build your own personal adventure log that’ll store your favorite experiences–forever. You can save them for your own use, or share them with others in the komoot group to get likes and comments. Follow like-minded outdoor enthusiasts to keep up with their outdoor adventures.

Be a local expert. Be a pioneer.

Show your expertise by contributing photos, tips, and highlights to the community. You can earn more upvotes for your sport than anyone else in your area and be the Pioneer!

All Devices Support Seamless Sync

komoot syncs all your data across devices including smartphones, tablets, Android Wear, and desktops.

Get Komoot for Free

Your first region of komoot is yours for free when you download it. You can choose from single regions, region packs, or the World Pack to expand the area komoot covers. To access offline trails maps, route maps, GPS voice navigation, turn-by turns, GPS voice navigation, and map your running, walking, and biking adventures wherever you are, use the GPS tracker.

Supported Devices



– Download the komoot Garmin App in the IQ Store and connect your accounts via Garmin Connect. This will allow you to share komoot running, walking and biking GPS routes with your Garmin device


To access the best routes on your bike, connect your komoot account with your Wahoo BOLT or ELEMNT BOLT computer. You can also sync your tracks back to your computer.


– Use Sync komoot to sync with your Sigma GPS computer for real-time directions, distance and speed information right from your head-unit


– Connect komoot with your Kiox or Nyon to record Tours and get navigated on your device * Visit www.komoot.com/devices for a full breakdown For support and tips, please visit


We regularly update komoot to ensure it keeps improving for you. Get this version to access the most recent and stable version of the app.

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