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KJV study Bible, KJV offline, with daily devotions for your Bible reading, daily verses, notepad, notebook for sermons, and a Bible dictionary for FREE
KJV Bible, also known as King James Bible, is the oldest KJV translation. Scholars believe that this KJV Bible is very similar to the Hebrew language in its translation. From 1604 to 1611, this Bible (or KJV Bible) was created. The Bible contains God’s words.

The streaming audio mp3 of the King James Bible (FREE version) or KJV Offline is available. It can be downloaded to your phone or used as a text-to-speech version. You can listen to the mp3 audio bible anytime you want, as long as it is saved to your phone’s SD card or memory. Everyone who believes in the KJV Bible must download it.

KJV Bible takes up less space. You can download the Daily devotion Bible for morning and evening and an offline devotion to stay in tune with God’s speaking and doings.

You can listen to the KJV online via 3G or Wi Fi.

These are some of the features you will find in the King James Bible Version –KJV Bible

1. Notification of Daily Bible Verse
These KJV Bible verses are powerful and inspirational. You can use them as a meditation daily. The KJV verses can be easily shared on all social media platforms.

2. Daily Chapters from the KJV Bible
This King James Version (KJV), Bible app always has a Bible chapter available for you to read every day.

3. Topical Bible Versses
These are just a few of the topics we have selected to encourage and encourage believers in Christ. More will be added soon.

4. History in King James Version, (KJV).
Have you forgotten the last Bible Chapter? This KJV Holy Bible app will always have the history of each Bible verse.

5. How to Read the KJV Bible
Here are some tips to help you read the Bible. This page is constantly being updated. Be sure to visit the site for any new updates.

6. Save Holy Bible Scriptures to your bookmark
A simple bookmark can help you catch up.

7. Notes
Note as many Bible verses as possible. Notes can be taken in church. You can attach them to multiple verses for future reference. Let us be students of the word and spread God’s Word in Jesus.

8. Highlight
Mark your favorite verses using all kinds of colors to give it more meaning

9. Quick Search
Our fast and efficient search engine allows you to quickly search any book or term.

King James Bible Version FREE and Offline is more than a Bible. It is the word from our Father in Heaven.
For many years, the King James Bible translation has been used. We believe the Bible is God’s Word and that it brings us peace and understanding. Each verse contains revelations that can only be revealed through the Holy Spirit.

With the app available on your smartphone, you don’t have to limit yourself to the hard copy KJV Bible. It is possible to download the most recent version of the Bible. This makes it both simple to read and easy to understand.

Google Play is available for free download

The KJV Offline Bible is a great tool for studying the Bible. You can also use the text to share the verses.

The King James Bible Free Version has never been easier, simpler or more free. This application is one of the most important applications that you should have on your smartphone. You can read and study your favorite verses while on the go, and you can share your findings with your friends and family. However, you will need to verify that your phone is compatible with this application.

New Features
1. Now available is backup and audio in the Bible

Other Features
1.Share the image
2. Daily devotional included for free
3.Bible devotion to make your days great

KJV Bible, Bible dictionary, personal notebook or notepad, daily devotion, Bible reading, and daily verse

Fixed issues for android 11 and above
Audio issue fix
Highlight feature to read along can be turned off in the settings

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