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King James Bible

This King James Version Bible app is designed to offer a fresh way for everyone to study the Holy Bible KJV. Enjoy this

Holy bible kjv

Download the Android application for free. It contains both the Old Testament (with text) and New Testament (with audio). All available in English. This King James Version Bible app allows you to read and listen simultaneously. Features: – You can free read the KJV Bible. Old and new testament (Offline). – Free

King James’ version of the Bible

audio version. This application will automatically read the verses. No need to read another book. King James Version Bible app can be taken with you anywhere. – Share your favorite verses with friends via text message or social network. – All Android devices supported. – Background Player function: You don’t have to open the app every single time you want to hear your favorite verses. Get closer to God through the use of the Hintergrund Player function.

King James Version Bible App

app. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvements. It’s free! Thank you for your support. God Bless You!

The holy bible king james edition

Millions of Christians around the globe have installed King James Bible (KJV). This is a free, simple and friendly way to access the entire Bible without an internet connection. KJV Bible App allows you to have a better Bible experience. It keeps track of your readings and gives you instant access any chapter. You can also add customized bookmarks.

KJV Audio Bible Free

King James Bible (KJV), the best application to have God’s Word at your fingertips. The daily Bible App includes the 66 books from the Old Testament and New Testament. This app makes it easier to feel God’s word and bring heaven closer to your family and friends. The most comprehensive, quick and simple daily Bible app on Google Play lets you take your KJV Bible with you wherever and whenever. This King James Bible app for Android will help you get closer to God. This app, also known by KJV Bible is a bible app that contains the King James Version, also known under the Authorized Version. There are many Bibles, but this one is the most widely used.

King James Version Bible

KJV is an English translation of The Christian Bible by Church of England. It was first published in 1604 and completed in 1611. Later translations of Bibles exist.

King James Audio Bible (KJV)’s Holy Bible – King James Version app has been downloaded many times. It is the best offline Bible app available for Android. This Bible app, expertly designed in Palo Alto makes it simple and easy to read, study, and share the Bible. You can get the most from your Bible study wherever you are.

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