Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet

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Kevin Ton
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The Mediterranean diet is widely considered one of the most healthy ways to eat. But what if it could be even more so? This app combines the healthy and heart-healthy Mediterranean diet and the low-carb and moderate-protein ketogenic diet. This combination diet will help you lose weight and improve your gut health.

The app provides detailed information about the diet and two weeks of meal plans. The app includes 100 delicious recipes, including Braised Short Ribs with Red Wine and Greek Egg and Tomato Scramble.

This app contains:
This diet offers the best of both worlds: Weight loss, improved cognitive function, and cardiac health.
Understanding the science: An explanation of macronutrients, how our bodies use fuel, and other aspects of diet will help you to understand why it works.
– Jumpstart your new lifestyle–Comprehensive shopping lists and meal plans guide your successful transition into ketosis.

This app is a combination of Keto’s calorie-burning science and one of the most well-known, natural food-based diets ever created.

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