IBM Digital Health Pass Wallet

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International Business Machines Corp.
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IBM(r) Digital Health Pass Wallet lets you manage, store, and share your personal information verifiable digital credentials. This includes records for COVID-19 vaccination records, test results, and more. You control your personal health information. You decide what information you share with whom and what purpose. A US government agency has supported the publication of this app to facilitate safe return-to-work activities.

Participating pharmacies and labs can give you your results as a secure verifiable credential. A simple QR code allows you to share your data with participating organizations. To verify the data, the QR codes will be scanned by participating organizations.

We are expanding the network labs and providers that can issue verifiable credentials to IBM(r) Digital Health Pass Wallet. A participating business, such as an employer, airline or venue, will direct you to obtain a digital credential like the IBM Digital Health Pass (SMART(r), Health Card, Good Health Pass, EU Digital Covid Certificate, and SMART(r), Health Card. You will be able to upload additional credentials in future IBM(r) Digital Health Pass Wallet versions.

• Improved integration with Samsung Wallet
• Updated card designs for test results, vaccinations
• Bug fixes and improved app stability.

How to install IBM Digital Health Pass Wallet app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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