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Health Pal can help you keep your body fit and healthy. To help you live a healthy lifestyle, Health Pal records and manages your daily activities such as walking, exercising, calories, and water intake. You can also get real-time status updates and health reports on your daily Health activities


* Pedometer

Your walking distance, calories and steps are automatically recorded

Both a built-in real time pedometer and manual logging of steps are available

Statistic and graph of daily walking

In real-time, distance, calories, and walking speed are calculated

Water & Diet Reminders

It reminds you to drink water every hour.

The Diet reminder reminds you to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on time

You can keep track of your weight loss and weight gain by using the daily weight tracker reminder.

All Health Reminders can be created, managed and edited by you. You can also turn them off at any time if they are not needed.

Home Workout Programs

These smartly designed Workout plans don’t require any equipment or Gym.

Voice Assistance feature that will guide you through the session.

Smart Progress tracker to help you with your workouts.

*Health & Fitness Goals

Keep track of your daily steps

Keep track of your water intake daily

Keep track of your Weight Loss or Weight Gain goals

* Weight loss Tracker *

You can log your weight and track your progress with this feature

Daily weight loss statistics and graph

For easy tracking, a weight loss graph can also be found in the main dashboard

Water Consumption Tracker

Add water to your daily intake

You can check your Progress viewer to see if you have drank enough water for the day

Coming feature: Set reminders for drinking water from time to time

Food Tracker and Search

Find millions of Food Online.

You can add customized food and calories

Tracker for daily calorie intake

Exercise Tracker

Calculate calories burned for an activity using the feature

Keep track of your exercise and the calories burned.

You can see your total calories burned for each exercise session on a graph

cumulative calorie counter tool


Create your basic profile including height, weight, and age.

Calculators for Health

BMI, energy expenditure, blood volume and alcohol calculator

Calculator for Blood Pressure, Ideal Weight, Body Fat, Blood Pressure, and Smoking Costs

Body Fat, Ideal Weight, Maximum Heart Rate, and Body Water Calculators

Important Disclaimers

Health Pal is an all-inclusive solution that will help you achieve your best health and fitness. Health Pal’s contents and information are for educational purposes only.

The Health Pal app should not be used as a replacement for advice from a doctor, fitness expert, or other health care professionals.

For advice on any treatment or condition, consult a doctor. For advice on Exercise and Diet, consult a Fitness Expert or Nutrition Expert.


In the near future, we plan to support wearable integration as well as automatic sugar level tracking and sleep monitoring. We appreciate your continued support.

Version 4.2.57
✓ Home Exercises - Fitness Plans, Voice Assistance
✓ Waist Height Ratio, Lean BMI, Ponderal Index, Weight Loss Calculators
✓ Measure Heart Rate, Medication and Diet Reminders
✓ Calorie Counter, Water intake widget, Step detectors, Improved Graphs
✓ Whole new design, critical fixes, Android 11

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