Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter

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Health Infinity is an all-in-one health and fitness tracker. It helps you achieve your health goals, lose weight and make better food choices, as well as keep you fit.

Health Infinity is the best Health & Fitness App?

You can track your weight, exercise, and water intake. This app is the best in health and fitness.

Health Infinity is your best option for more:

* Set goals for weight loss or gain, Macronutrients and Calories intake, water intake, sleep time, and daily step count. With over 2 million foods, you can eat better thanks to the built-in Calorie Counter. You can create custom meals and foods. Get water reminders to ensure you are hydrated. * Keep track of over 100 exercises, activities, and workouts. Activity tracker allows you to track a new activity, and view the calories burned in real time. Track GPS-based activities and get precise stats such as pace, route, distance, calories burned, and more. Use the flash and camera on your mobile to accurately monitor your heart rate. Any-time. Anywhere. Our automatic Sleep Tracker can improve your sleep. It uses the sensors on your device to work. There is no need to manually start and stop the program. You won’t forget a pill! Medication Reminder makes it easy to keep track of and remember your medications. * BMI Calculator built-in with BMI Chart to determine your category. * Calculate your Ideal Weight, Body Fat and Metabolic Rate. You can add additional information to your tracking using tags. You can create custom tags according to your needs. * Use Google Fit to sync your health data and other apps. * Both metric and imperial units are supported. * External hardware not required.

Weight Loss Tracker

Health Infinity makes Weight Loss simple by helping you to change your mindset and lifestyle. Health Infinity has helped over 1 million people lose weight and become fitter.


Personal trainer who can do push-ups and pull-ups as well as sit-ups and squats. Each Challenge has 3 levels. There is no need to input manually. It works based on your mobile’s sensors.

24-hour Step Counter (Pedometer).

Keep track of your daily steps. You can keep your phone in your trouser pocket or handbag, as well as in your jacket. To reduce battery consumption, 4.4+ devices use a hardware step detector (Pedometer). Sensor-Fusion/Accelerometer based algorithms to improve the accuracy of devices without a step detector.


Google Sign-in – Contacts Camera – Measure your heart rate. GPS Location Tracking – Locate and track activities based on GPS. Storage – You can save charts to your phone’s storage.


* We care about your health. This application is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment for health-related issues. GPS Map activity supports only Walking, Running, and Cycling. There are three levels of difficulty: Push-ups and Pull-ups as well as Sit-ups and Sit-ups. * Some features require PRO access. * Barcode Scanner is available to use with Calorie Counter * Please get in touch with us, if you have any issue – [email protected] Privacy Policy –

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