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The Handy Library app is a great way to manage small libraries of books. To get the ISBN details of a book from the Internet, scan it the first time and add it to your library. Then scan again the next time you want to see the book, make a note or lend it to someone. This app allows you to quickly catalog your small library or book collection. This app is NOT an EBOOK READER. ***Free 100 books***

Use cases

+ Manage a personal library or book collection. + Create a small library for the community. + Manage books in a bookstore. + People who lend books to friends or borrow books from libraries. + Organise books in a bookcase.

Organise your bookshelves

For easy organization, map your physical bookshelves to the app. You can also arrange your books on individual bookshelves.

The Key Features

It’s easy to add a book into your library by scanning the barcode (ISBN), searching on the Internet, or manually entering. + Create a note for the book. + Share the book link with your friends. + Search for books in your library.

Powerful filter

This feature allows you to filter books by author, genre, rating, publication year or were marked as favorite, read, or liked.

Inventory your library

Statistics provides information about your library, including the number of books, total price, and reading status. You can also view your purchase history.

Import or export data

You can export all of your books to an XLS or CSV file. After editing the import file, you can also import a XLS or CSV file into your library data.

Your data should be kept private and secure

The app saves all library data locally. It does not save data to the cloud. Users can create a backup of their Google Drive account to restore any time.

Service resources

To retrieve book details such as Goodreads and Amazon, OpenLibrary, WorldCat ,…, WorldCat, OpenLibrary and Google book, the app uses book APIs from many third-party services.


The free version has a limit of 100 books. Upgrade to the Premium Version to get unlimited access to all books. A lifetime license is only one-time payment. The premium version can be activated on any Android device that is logged in with your Google account. It doesn’t limit how many devices you can use.

Coming features

+ Adding new fields: date began reading and date completed reading ,…. + Synchronize this app with the Google Sheet app. This app can also be used to catalog other collections such as: comic, manga and board game. # 26 languages supported: Arabic, Bulgarian and Chinese (Simple), Chinese(Traditional), Czech and English. FOLLOW US – Facebook: fb.com/handylibraryapp – Instagram: instagram.com/handylibraryapp Icons made by Freepik, Pixel perfect, mavadee, bqlqn,… from www.flaticon.com.

Version -
- Improve the taking cover photo feature,
- Bug fixes
Version 2.6.5:
- Sorting feature improvements,
- Searching books in a library by genre, just type: "gen:keyword",
- Allow adding more authors of a book,
- Moving the cover photos folder to the app-specific storage for devices running on Android 11 and later.

How to install Handy Library - Book Organizer app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Handy Library - Book Organizer from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.