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GoTo Technologies USA Inc.
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Webinars made easy – You don’t have to be away from your computer to participate in online events. You can not only view and hear the webinars but also take part in them using the free GoToWebinar app for mobile. You can participate in polls, ask questions and much more, no matter where you may be.

For Attendees
Participate in online events even if you are on the go.
* Just a tap to join
* Listen in using one-touch dialing or VoIP.
* See the slide presentations of the event speakers up close.
* Take part in polls. Raise your hand to ask the speaker questions.
* View the webcam of an active speaker.

For Organizers:
* Register for a Webinar to discuss a single event.
* You can edit any webinar scheduled
* See a list of registered participants for upcoming Webinars
* Register to attend an upcoming Webinar
* We are currently working to add support for scheduling recurring Webinars. Please log in from your computer for the moment and keep an eye out for updates!

For presenters:
* Share your screen with the audience

To attend a GoToWebinar, you don’t need to purchase anything. There are two easy ways to join:
* Click the event link in your invite email or on your calendar.
After installing the app, tap the GoToWebinar icon and enter your session ID.

* When you join an event, audio will be automatically connected to your Internet connection (WiFi, 4G/3G).
Plug a headset into an Android device to get the best sound quality.
* You can dial in from your phone by simply tapping the button after you join the event.
* If you’re attending the event in person you can easily disconnect audio at any time to continue participating in polls or seeing the speaker’s presentation in person.

* Android 4.4 and higher
* We recommend devices with a processor of 1 Ghz or more.

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How to install GoToWebinar app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download GoToWebinar from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.