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Glucose Tracker can be used easily and is a complete application for Blood Glucose Meter data storage and tacking. The graph allows the user to compare their current blood glucose levels with past data. You can also use the reminder option to remind yourself to check your blood glucose frequently.

>> How to test your blood glucose

A fingerstick blood test[5] can tell you how your blood glucose levels are at any given time. It uses any glucose meter. Although it is painful and expensive, you can still get valuable information. A continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, can help reduce pain and hassle associated with needle sticks. It also provides more information. CGMs measure [6] using a sensor that is inserted under the skin and often on the abdomen. CGMs must be calibrated approximately twice per day using a traditional blood sugar monitor.
Blood sugar testing should be done on people who take rapid-acting and intermediate-acting insulin. It is important to get the right amount of insulin and not have your blood sugar drop too low.
Type 2 diabetics who aren’t on insulin can test as much as they wish. You can test your glucose levels after you eat different foods or engage in different activities if you are trying to maintain tight control. You should keep a detailed record of your results, and possibly log what you ate and did before the
It is not a good idea to test at the exact same time each day, usually before and after dinner. You can test with a plan. If you have to change something, such as a medicine or herb, then you should test within the next few days. Monitors can keep track of your results and send them to you, your doctor or your computer.

>> When to test your blood sugar

You can monitor your blood sugar levels by checking it as prescribed. This will help you to see how foods, medications, and other activities impact your blood sugar. To help manage your diabetes, the American Diabetes Association (ADA), recommends that you regularly test your blood sugar levels.
Routine testing or daily testing
The ADA recommends that insulin pumps and insulin injections be tested multiple times per day for people who use them.

Features that are impotent
– Graph And Pie Chart.
– Basic blood sugar monitoring by event type (before breakfast, after dinner, etc.).
Reminder Notification
– Online Reading Article on Diabetes.
– US and International units (mg/dL, mmol/L).
Filtering by different tags

>Blood Glucose check reminder.
>Online Important Reading Article about Diabetes.
>Graph Node Color with range of blood glucose.
>List View Which Show all History etc.

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