Fruit Slice

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Poder Studio

This is the best fruit cutting game! You have one goal: to be a master at slicing fruits! Fruit Slice – Fruit Game is the best way to achieve this goal. Don’t miss it! ?

Start the juicy carnage with four different game modes by shedding your blade.
Enjoy the excitement of achieving a new high score both in Classic mode or Arcade mode. You can achieve the highest score by avoiding bombs and slicing huge combos with the help of power fruits like Ice apples (Freeze), Frenzy bananas (destroy), and Motion oranges (slow).
Classic mode takes three lives, while Arcade mode takes 1:40. Classic mode takes three lives. You want something less intense? You can simply relax and slice the fruit in Pipeline mode. You can also use One Shot mode to focus and make the cut in a more intense manner. ?

You can make your fruit game more exciting by equipping blades and other Spot. offers a variety of blade sounds and scenes. Daily deals offer Blast fruit and free gemes You can increase your gemes score by using Power fruit and Blast fruit. Daily deals also include bomb deflect power. Daily deals and free gemes can spice up your day. You can find more enjoyment and interest by slicing more fruits. But don’t cut the bomb. ?

Show your family and friends that you can master fruit slices and demonstrate how much better you are.
They are used to slice fruit. ?

Fruit Slice Features
Delicious and exotic fruits are available for slicing
More slicing fun with 15+ blades
– 30+ Power-fruits and Spot
Daily Deals and other Bomb-deflecting and Blast-fruit power
3D vibrant graphics with realistic sound
Eye-catching special power effect
Play and learn how to slice.
– Smooth and realistic game play

You can play for mindless entertainment, to pass the time or to improve your skills.
This is the place to learn slicing skills. You will be amazed at the power and beauty of this game.
Fruit Slice – chop-chop!

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