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Halfbrick Studios

You are welcome to the dojo, ninja. Your goal is to master the art of slicing fruits! Fruit Ninja is the most popular mobile fruit-slicing game. ?

You can now start the delicious carnage with three classic game modes that millions of people have grown to love. You will feel the excitement of setting a new high score with the fan-favourite Arcade game mode. This mode focuses on avoiding bombs and creating massive combos using the Frenzy or Double Score bananas. You want something less intense? Relax and enjoy Zen Mode stress relief. You can also cut as much as possible in Classic Mode. Just make sure to avoid the bombs and don’t lose the fruit. You can make your game more fun by getting special powerups to give you a boost in score. ?

After you have honed your skills and reflexes, you can put them to the ultimate test in Event mode. Here you will face intense and challenging clashes against characters such as Mari, Truffles, and Rinjin. You’ll be able to win unique swords or dojos that you can use in Classic, Zen, and Arcade modes. You can spice up your day with our daily Challenge mode. Can you beat other ninjas to win special prizes and glory? ?

Show your family and friends that you are the best ninja. You can show them how fast you can beat your opponents in a local multiplayer match. Or, compare your scores with your friends to climb the ranks and get to the top of our leaderboard. Are you a big fan of Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots? Enjoy the addictive and entertaining minigames, and discover your favorite! ?

You don’t have to wait! This game is for everyone, whether you are looking for mindless entertainment and a way to pass the time or to master ninja skills, it’s the right one. Fruit Ninja is a game that’s both amazing and exciting.

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