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Fresh Tri
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Fresh Tri is a mindset and habit-building tool that will help you lose weight naturally. It removes the shame, frustration and failure that comes with dieting. You’ll slowly adopt an Iterative Mindset ™, a brain-science-based mindset that can be tested and practiced. This will allow you to persevere despite any setbacks or obstacles.

Iteration is simply the act of trying new things, learning new things, and tweaking your approach to achieve results that are meaningful to you. Fresh Tri allows you to choose the food habits you are most drawn to and then practice them until they become second nature.

How it works
Start by creating a “Tri,” a simple eating or food habit that you will be practicing this week. Each habit in Fresh Tri has been shown to be effective in weight loss studies and can be used in everyday life. Then, over the course of the week, you’ll:

(1) Check in daily. Let us know if things are going well. If not, it’s okay too. Fresh Tri understands that setbacks and relapses are a part of the habit-change process. It’s actually necessary. You’ll be able to get suggestions for improving your practice or making it more efficient. You’ll be on your way to success, no matter what!

(2) Post your Intention on our Tri(bes) section and reflect daily on your Gratitude. Intentions promote creativity and openness, and gratitude has been proven to improve physical and emotional health. You can also inspire others by sharing your thoughts with them (anonymously if you prefer) and being inspired by them.

(3) You can join your Mindset Training session via the app once per week. Fresh Tri will provide you with a choice of experts from our national team of health and wellness professionals, including RDNs, MDs, and certified coaches, to lead your weekly sessions. You can join another session if you are unable to attend, or view past sessions whenever it suits your schedule.

You can achieve the healthy, natural, and sustainable lifestyle you desire by establishing new habits and training your Iterative Mindset. There is no need to track, measure or weigh. There is no shame, guilt, or failure. Only trying, tweaking and trying again. Or, as we like it to be called, Iteration!

Get the life you love by building healthy habits that last. Learn a powerful mindset that easily drives weight loss, mental health, and health. Practice clinically-proven habits that naturally become your way of life. Train your mindset with trusted, expert clinicians. Set daily intentions and share gratitude. Choose from 1000s of healthy hacks, products, and recipes. Belong to a safe, caring community of people like you.
Update includes UI improvements, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

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