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FoodSwitch helps you make healthier food choices. To find out more nutrition information and healthier options, scan the barcode.

# FoodSwitch app is now an ORCHA Accredited App with a Review Score of 74%. This makes it the most trusted source of health app advice.

FoodSwitch can help you shop for healthier foods, such as healthy food choices, better diets, avoiding gluten, and products that are low in calories, fats, saturated fats, sugars, salt, or sodium.

FoodSwitch is the most loved health and fitness app in the world.

* Barcode scanner — Scan barcodes to see nutritional information for packaged food products. Our huge database contains over a million barcodes.
* Nutritional Tracker — Information about the nutritional quality packaged foods.
* Nutrient details — View Energy and Fat, Sugar and Salt content.
* Healthy Food Choices — Choose healthier foods based on what you see.
* Health Star rating mode — See how important components of food are rated using stars in Health Star Rate mode. The star rating of food indicates how healthy it is.
* Color Coded Labels mode — See how food components rate using colours in Traffic Light Labels mode. Red is considered less healthy than green, while Amber is between the two.

* FoodSwitch — Lists the overall nutritional rating of food to help you make healthier food choices. This is a great tool for anyone looking for healthier alternatives to their favorite foods.
SaltSwitch — Lists healthier options with lower salt levels than the scanned product. This is a useful tool for anyone concerned about their blood pressure.
* FatSwitch — Lists healthier options with lower levels of saturated fat than the scan product.
* EnergySwitch — Lists healthier options with lower energy (Kilojoules). This helps to manage energy and reduce calories. This is a great tool for those who need to monitor calories and find products with lower calories.
* SugarSwitch — Lists healthier options with lower total sugar than the product scanned for those who want to cut down on sugar intake.

Please share photos of items you cannot scan to help the community.
* Easily identify Gluten-containing products

This video is available. Professor Bruce Neal, Executive Director of The George Institute for Global Health, discusses the FoodSwitch program. His vision for improving health is described by Dr. Bruce Neal.

FoodSwitch data can be used by governments around the globe. Get the app now to get reliable and impartial information.

FoodSwitch is operated and owned by The George Institute for Global Health.

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