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Flying Lines+ has a variety of yaoi, romance, pure romance, and BL manga. You can also read boys love novels. Popular here are yaoi manga and ao3 as well as doujinshi. There are many genres to choose from: yaoilove and boys love; LGBT, doujinsh, romances with BL boys, books for boys, and other flying books. Read original yoai, BL, yaoi, danmei novels, gay novels, lezhin novels & manga free yaoi now!

Flying Lines+, a webfic app that allows you to read yaoi or bl like ao3, novelcat, novelfull, dreame and lezhin. Our goal is to provide yaoibook, boys love story and yaoi manga to all bl readers. Boyxboy, gay novels, doujin, LGBT, yaoi, doujinsh and yaoimanga are great. We also have romance novels. Find web novel like BL, yaoimanga, boys love, doujinshi, yaoi BL and manga book here. You can get novel updates and BL updates quickly. You can read webfic online and offline, have yioa, youaoitime, or yaoilove anytime.

Created by a group of yaoilove novel fanatics, Flying Lines+ let you read manga free yaoi, pure romance, yoai, boys’ love, BL manga, yaoi, doujinsh, manga book, BL stories and more flying longs novels. This yaoilove app is also available in danmei novels.

> All Genres
Popular Webnovel: romance, boys love and yoai. Here is your chance to share your yaoitime and yioa with boys. You are welcome to read yaoi manga and boyxboy, BL manga and other Flying books. Flying Lines+ is an excellent choice for manga and yioa readers bl if you love hot bl or bl manga on Ao3.

> High-quality Translations:
Pure romance: “Here Comes a Cute Baby”, ‘Pampered Cute Mommy & Awesome Daddy’; BL stories: “Rebirth” for yaoilove. Read BL manga, yaoi manga free like “The Night Is Always Bright”. You can read BL updates, yioa manga and gay novels.

> Friendly Reading App:
The function toolbar makes it easy for you to select novel chapters. You can choose from any webnovel, romance novel, or yaoi manga to read. You can also read offline webfic such as boyxboy or pure romance. Flying Lines+ offers pocket webnovels and book apps that provide quick novel updates, just like on ao3, novelcat, novelfull and bravonovel.

You are eligible for rewards
Login to receive a FREE Spirit Plume (SP), which unlocks novel chapters about LGBT, doujinsh and boys’ love stories. You can earn reading coins by using free apps like novelfull, novelcat, novellezhin, novelcat, and wuxiaworld to unlock novel chapters of hot books and spend your yaoitime.

> Novel Chapters Daily Update:
Our professional translators ensure novel updates of yaoi, LGBT novel, yaoi manga, gay novels, yaoi BL, manga book, ABO, boys love story, danmei novels, novelfull, lezhin, novelcat and others. You can add your favorite light novel to Library and never miss a BL update. Every day, enjoy yaoilove or yaoitime.

> Read Online and Offline: Get this book app for free to read manga and original novels. Even without Wi-Fi, you can still enjoy great books.

Read yioa manga, yaoi, boys’ love, ABO, LGBT, bl anime, doujinsh and yaoimanga. Boys love, BL manga (boyxboy), doujinshi and light novels, as well as BL stories and romance books, are highly recommended. Flying Lines+ is now available for you to enjoy romance, yaoi and BL, as well as yioa and yaoitime!

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