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Fitbod will help you gain strength, weight loss and muscle mass. Fitbod’s unique training algorithm will help you reach your fitness goals whether you go to the gym or in your living room.

* A personal plan to push you beyond your limits

Fitbod’s powerful technology analyzes your strength and adjusts to your gym equipment.

Your training plan will optimize your fitness gains between workouts by intelligently varying the intensity (weight) as well as volume (sets/reps). Your personalized training program will not leave any muscle group out.

* Learn and master new strength-building techniques:

Fitbod makes your gym sessions fun and interesting by adding new exercises to your routine and maximising the use of your equipment.

Beginner strength-trainers will find the confidence to experiment with new resistance exercises and equipment. Watch over 400 demonstration videos to learn the correct movements

* Strength-training accomplishments as you set personal records.

We want to celebrate the heroic performances of all people.

* Our Wear OS Watch app allows you to see your training plan in a glance, track your progress, and keep your focus while at the gym (requires Fitbod App on your mobile device).

* Workouts that are geared towards Muscle Tone and Strength-Training as well as Muscle Tone, Muscle Tone, Muscle Tone, Bodybuilding or Powerlifting.

* See your workout results on a heat map.

* Current and past workouts – calories burned

Fitbod was fine-tuned and supervised by certified personal trainers in order to offer the best strength-training methods to you. These are the best practices:

* Individualization – Superior results can be achieved when the workout program is tailored to your body, experience, and environment.

* Balance – Muscles perform better when they work in harmony with the whole muscular system. Results can be affected if you overwork some muscle groups and underwork others. Fitbod creates well-balanced workouts.

* Variation – This is where you mix up different muscle groups, exercises sets, reps, and weight over time to strengthen your musculoskeletal system. It also helps keep your body sharp.

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Continuing to improve your Fitbod for Android experience with a few bug fixes in this release. On the design front we've fixed an issue with text sizing with certain device settings, and have made some internal improvements to the workout recommendations. As always, please reach out to with any feedback, questions or concerns.

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