Femometer Intermittent Fasting

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Are you able to lose weight, and maintain it for the rest of your life?
There is no way for us to exercise 3 hours per day, weigh food and count calories at any time.
We can choose when we eat to lose weight. This is FASTING.
To lose weight, all you have to do is change your eating habits.

This is the most healthy and popular way to lose weight, according to our wise ancients.
Let’s talk about how to get started on your fasting journey.

Femometer Fasting is an effective weight-loss tool. You can lose weight, improve your health, and simplify your life. Intermittent fasting can have a profound effect on your brain and body, and may make you live longer and healthier. Intermittent fasting (IF) doesn’t dictate what foods you should consume, but when. You can learn the science behind intermittent fasting (IF) to help you reach your goals.



Fasting guidance
Guide to Intermittent Fasting: Step-by-Step
Tracking tools that are flexible and smart, which can be adapted to your specific needs
Your body status will show you how fasting is affecting your body.
6 plans are available for personalized fasting plans that are based on your body condition.

Fasting Tools
Food Tracker: Log every meal and snack, see food trends and values, and gain insight into our nutrition program
Weight Tracker: Keep track of your weight to achieve your ideal weight
Water Tracker: Keep track of your water consumption and stay hydrated
Sleep tracker: Use it to help you lose weight
Activity Tracker: Keep track of your daily activity to motivate yourself to get moving more
Reminder: Reach every mini-goal in order to achieve your dream goal

Fasting & Nutrition Courses
Knowledge base for nutrition and intermittent fasting
Learn how to choose the best foods with professional content
Simple to use meal log for mindful eating
Get stronger and more immune-strategy.

Fasting Statistics (For insights and motivation)
Visualize your fasting and track the changes in charts
Reveal the patterns in your fasting and body performance
Intermittent fasting helps you find physiological harmony. It connects your body, mind and soul to your weight
Stay motivated by learning inspiring and self-reflective statistics

Intermittent fasting refers to a change of eating habits. This is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, children younger than 18 years old, and people suffering from eating disorders. Talk to your doctor or other health care professional.

*Results may vary by individual. Testimonials are not intended to be representative of typical results.

Femometer Fasting: Femometer Fasting supports Face ID security.

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Download Femometer Fasting, a simple fasting app that will help you achieve your goals quicker and more effectively. You can establish a simple eating routine, help you stay in shape during self-isolation, and then use our educational and motivational content for your daily eating habits. We are not just here to provide Intermittent Fasting Apps, but also to help you improve your cognitive abilities, weight loss, and overall health. Download Intermittent Fasting Tracker now. Get started on your new journey today!

Hope you’re enjoying the app! We built the initial version of Fasting in this update, please keep it regularly updated to enjoy our latest features and improvements.

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