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You can get cool new features for your Rockchip (MTCB/MTCD+/PX3/PX5/PX6 and later), MTK8227 (YT9216–YT9218 and older), FlyAudio (or AllWinner android headunit) (launcher includes some features that are deeply integrated for these devices like FM Radio support, etc.
Fcc Car Launcher is easily launched on any android head unit, android tablet or smartphone.

Because it’s built around the widget concept, this car launcher can be customized in every way possible. The screen can be customized in every way possible. You can alter the colors, layout, size, and combination of information. You can even use one screen as your screensaver screen. Interactive MiniMap can also be integrated into your home screen.

ROOT is not required.

Beta version is available here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/ru.speedfire.flycontrolcenter

FCC LAUNCHER Version 3.0 RELEASE New features

– Skins support! You can make it look completely different by using skins. You can even create your own skin. Wallpaper and skins work together!
Interactive MiniMap with traffic data.
– Icon packs support
– Screensaver customizable
New widgets. The Player widget supports all popular players
– OBD2 widget.
Auto-brightness is based on sunrise/sunset time
Interception of wheel buttons
– Plus, many other things!

Previous features

== No cost features
– App shortcuts, widgets, and multiple home screens support!
– Push the Speech button on the steering wheel to launch Google Voice. (Speech function should also be mapped to this button using FlyAudio settings).
– Speedometer in the notification bar
– Autoadjustment volume based on speed (free version has only one speed limit – 40 km/h).
– Speedometer color change in main window of app depending on speed.
– FM radio is launched in the background
– Calculation and display of average speed and distance traveled during a given day. (may not be accurate, but it is still experimental).
– The app can be set as default launcher
Information about the track is available on the main screen
– The ability to set wallpaper (including live wallpaper).

== Paid PREMIUM features ==
All features are free and available at:
– Autoplay last play after you go to sleep (FM Radio and PowerAmp, Spotify, Google Music, Neutron, and Spotify are supported).
Advanced customizations to the Fcc Car Launcher’s appearance.
– The ability to assign text names FM stations in the player widget.
– The ability to make phone calls using a connected phone’s SIM card (by Bluetooth). You can also use third-party speed dialers.
– You can make phone calls using a connected phone by saying “Ok Google, call [name]”.
When FM radio is playing, volume can be decreased during voice input
Auto-adjustment volume based on speed – All 3 custom speed limits can be set (you can also adjust volume adjustment amount and speed limits).
Sound notification when you reach certain speeds (two different sounds for each limit)
– Double click can be assigned to the Speech button, which includes app launch or MODE function (cycle between 3 apps).

== AccessibilityService API ==
AccessibilityService API is used in this app to allow you to assign “Back”, “Home” and other actions to your steering wheel buttons, if necessary. This allows you navigate your head unit safely while driving, without causing any distractions to the road.

== Feedback
Forum: Fcc Car Launcher XDA

For any errors, please email a.kurapov@gmail.com

This is a significantly rewritten new version!
- New widgets
- Completely new widget's settings with more customisation
- Improved performance of widgets and the whole launcher
- New features (like animated album arts)
- Many bugs fixed
You may need to slightly reconfigure widgets once after migration to this new version.

How to install Fcc Car Launcher app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Fcc Car Launcher from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.