Fasting Time Intermittent Diet

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Fasting Time gives you the power of intermittent fasting. Fasting Time will help you lose weight, improve your health, and achieve your goals.


Beautiful intermittent fasting tracker that can be used with all diets and fasting plans. Combining intermittent fasting with other fast methods such as OMAD allows you to compare your past fasts with charts, timelines, and a custom goal. A reminder when you reach your goal is also available. Share your progress with your fasting group. Fully customizable with unique backgrounds and icons. Password protected

Use intermittent fasting to lose weight, improve health and reach your goals.

You can keep track of your progress with the daily goal. Complete daily weigh-ins to track your weight loss. Add photos and notes to each step of your journey to improve your health. Daily inspirational messages will motivate you with their full-featured intermittent fasting tracker.

Keep your health in check and eat a healthy diet

Fasting Time will run its countdown in the notification bar. This will keep you informed throughout your fast day. You can quickly access your fasting history with the ability to edit, delete, or add entries.

Weight Loss, Your Way.

You can customize the countdown timer to work with any fasting program. It is perfect for intermittent fasting, waterfasts, or one meal per day.

Manage your fasts

You can keep track of each fast separately. Fasting Time allows you to easily track your fasts, and helps you stay motivated no matter where you are. You can set up an intermittent fasting tracker or commit to eating only one meal per day. You can customize your goals and it has multiple display options.

Fasting Time is now available to help you manage your fasts, lose weight, and achieve your goals.

Fasting Time 2.0.5 addresses various issues and improves the user interface.

- Weigh Ins are now properly sorted, with the newest Weigh Ins first
- The date/time field will now default to time, since that's the most common use. You can still edit the date of the field by tapping the calendar.
- Fixed an issue where past purchases would not be completely restored
- Fixed a crash that affected some fold, flip and tablet devices
- Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

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