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You have successfully completed our fasting tracker You want to lose weight, become fit, and start mindful eating. You can use our fasting tracker to get daily fasting and diet plans, weight-loss motivation, and health tips!

Intermittent fasting: Why?

People often try to lose weight by starving themselves. Fasting works because you eat less food and your body burns less calories. Intermittent fasting is a method of switching between eating and avoiding food for a set period. Your glycogen levels are reduced and ketosis, also known as “fat-burning”, is activated.

Interval fasting is also possible

– Weight loss, control of blood sugar and insulin levels. – Stimulates metabolism. – Lowers inflammation.

What is the best way to lose weight?

Yes! Yes! When you begin fasting, choose from the most popular plans: 14:10 or 18:6 or 16:8. Advanced users may also consider the 21:3 and OMAD (one meal a days) plans. The 16:8 fasting plan allows you to eat for 8 hours and then avoid eating the rest of the day. Use the fasting timer to stay hydrated. You can customize your diet or use any of the daily fasting options. No matter what type of diet you choose, you can reach your healthy weight goals.

The fasting app features:

– There are many fasting options

Keep an eye on your water intake and weight.

Eating and fasting tracker – One tap to start/end the fast. – Step counter and 7 minute workouts. – Fasting guide and insights on nutrition. – Journal to reflect upon how fasting has affected your mood. – Push notifications that let you know when it is time to eat or fast. FastEasy is not only an intermittent fasting coach, but also a timer and tracker. Our fasting app is easy to use for weight loss. Send us your feedback and suggestions!

For more information: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Start your weight-loss journey with the FastEasy intermittent fasting app!

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