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No matter if you are a farmer, or a vineyard manager, precision agriculture requires that you reinvent how you gather, organize, and use your data.

There is an ever-increasing amount of data and information being generated on farms. You need to have a clear structure to manage these high volumes. This data can be spread across different software systems, paper processes, or not at all.

Farm managers can save countless hours by automating documentation processes. This will allow them to feel more in control of the work they do each day. Your farm’s efficiency will be improved.

Farmable gives you a new way to manage your farm’s data.

1. Mobile App Free
2. Unlimited Hectares
3. Unlimited Team Members
4. Unlimited data entries
5. No Software Installation
6. Modular Pricing


1. Reduce time spent on documentation
2. Field operations can be made more efficient
3. Freedom from spreadsheets and paper
4. Automated documentation to support compliance and audits
5. Communication across the team is simplified
6. You have total control over your orchard


1. Use the app’s easy-to-use drawing feature to map your fields and start tracking activities.
2. Plan, delegate, and record jobs in the field such as fertilizing, spraying, pruning, and so on. You can do this from your smartphone.
3. You can monitor all of your jobs with your phone’s GPS tracking so that you have total control over your field operations wherever you may be.
4. To analyze productivity trends, log and track each field’s harvest.
5. Notes per field can be taken and organized so that you don’t lose any more.
6. You can easily collaborate with your farm team and manage them by sharing jobs and notes directly in the App.
7. Our App and Web Portal allow you to seamlessly view data across all devices.
8. The Web Portal allows you to analyze performance and export reports.

Farmable makes it easy to organize your data.


Your farm’s digital model is called fields. You can map your fields easily using the in-app drawing function of your smartphone. To begin collecting data for each field, enter details. You can also add details like plant date, height, distance between rows and plants, rootstock and supplier.

The jobs are intended to make it easy for you to plan and record your daily operations. You can choose from a variety of jobs including fertilization, spraying, fertilization and fertigation. You can also add your own jobs to do tasks like pruning, thinning, and mowing.

A tank mix calculator is available for fertilization and spraying jobs. It allows you to calculate the right mix of chemical products and water for your crop treatments. Farmable provides a task sheet that summarizes all details, including the map of the fields, tank mixture (water and product volume), equipment used, completion date, and any comments.

Notations help you recall field-specific observations like broken fences, trees that need to be replaced, or the first signs of growth. You can add a note to any field and write a brief comment about your observation. Tag it with a GPS-location, attach a photograph, or tag it with a GPS location. You can create labels to organize your notes into categories for future reference. You can easily share notes between farm managers, advisors, and co-workers.

Harvest allows you to easily record the harvest entries after and during each round. As harvest progresses, you can monitor harvest results and the yield per field. You will be able compare your yields from year to year and see long-term trends in the productivity of your plants.

What’s improved?
• Minor fixes to the user interface

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