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Laughter is the best medicine and eBaum’sWorld’s huge supply of videos, pictures, and games make it a veritable back-alley pharmacist of jokes. This new app will make eBaum’s World’s undisputed beauty mark even more prominent! It’s so shiny! It’s so captivating! So parallaxeffects-y!
This is how we know that this app provides the best entertainment: First, users upload great content, then eBaum staff finds the cream and then millions and millions of viewers choose the cherries. Then we go back to pick only the best cherries without annoying stems. This is how amazing this app works! We haven’t even come up with a metaphor to describe all the layers we use for quality-assurance.

Here are some things you can expect from our app
The best funny, new and hilarious images and videos every day.
-Sleek, smooth, aerodynamic, design/layout
-Parallax effects
This is a completely different way to explore our site. It’s like Magellan exploring a new continent in eBaum’s World. All you have to do is cruise across the baby. Download theapp and shift your skull-encrusted gearshifter into AWESOME. You’ll leave a trail behind of happy babes on this new frontier of LIFE.
We are so confident in this app, that we guarantee you will not like it.
We love you.

We are also eBaumsWorld a.k.a eBaums a.k.a Doctor. eBaum.

- Android Oreo is now fully supported. Hurray!

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