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Eat This Much Inc.
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Automatic meal planner, Eat This Much will help you put your diet on autopilot. We will automatically create a meal plan that meets your needs based on your lifestyle, budget, food preferences, and other details. It’s almost like having your own personal nutritionist.


You can quickly create meal plans that meet your macro and calorie targets * Create meal plans for any eating style you like * Adjust the cooking time to suit your needs * Make sure to personalize any of our recipes * You can easily swap them or set the meal planner so that you only use food you enjoy using Recurring foods.

Premium features

* Create a week’s worth of meal plans automatically Log what you eat and track your intake. You can customize as much or little as you like. You will be required to add each food item into your calorie tracker. There is no guarantee that you will reach your nutritional targets by the end of the day. Our automatic meal planner makes it easy to keep track of everything, since everything has been entered for you. Follow the plan and you’ll be fine. You can choose between premium and free accounts. You can create a meal plan for one day and customize it as you wish. You can make each meal according to your own preferences and set your nutrition goals. Premium users have access to the weekly menu planner, which automatically generates meal plans for you and sends them to you along with a grocery list by email. You can keep track of what you eat and track your progress. We also make it easy for you to adjust your weekly targets so you don’t miss any. Start with a free account to find out if our meal planning appeals to you. Then upgrade to the premium plan when you are ready. Privacy policy: Terms of use:

We're constantly working on improvements to make planning your meals as easy as possible. This latest release has a fix for alternate foods with leftovers, as well as some performance improvements.

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