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“Detox Pro Diet plans harness the power of Android to bring a unique way of regenerating the MIND, BODY and SOUL. Detox Pro assists the health-conscious individual to track, manage, and find detox diets from beginning to end.

Our bodies are continually under attack by nasty toxins, free radicals, and other harmful chemicals. Toxins can be defined as chemicals or poisons that have been shown to have negative effects on the human body. Toxins can be found in food, water, and chemicals used to grow or prepare foods. Even the air we breathe can contain harmful toxins.

Our bodies have developed a sophisticated Toxin Processor and Waste Disposal Plant over millions of years. They are able to remove most impurities from the body. Unfortunately, the body has not kept up with the pace of modern technology and our busy lifestyles. The main causes of 80 to 90% of all types of cancers can be attributed to environmental factors. It is not hard to see how anyone can benefit from a detox program every now and again.

Linda Page, N.D. Ph.D. is the author of Detoxification (Healthy Healing Publications), a book that focuses on the importance of detoxification today.

You might be curious about how detoxing can help you. There are many ways detoxing can benefit individuals. Including…

* Preventing Cancer
* Lose Weight Fast
* Increase Immune System Strengthening
* Substantial Energy Increase
* Reduce IBS and Boating
* Colon Cleansing
Clear Skin Complexion
* Healthyer Teeth and Nails
* Clearer thinking & mental alertness

… Feeling better, healthier, and fitter in body AND mind.

Although there are many websites, articles, books, and apps that can tell you what to eat and drink, none of them offer the same level of detail, versatility, and practicality as Detox Pro. A team of dieticians has created a variety of healthy diet plans for men and women. The information is organized in an easy-to-follow format. This guide will help you to reduce stress associated with the planning, tracking, and management of your whole detox.

A great selection of effective detox plans & diet programs
Written by Sporting Professionals and Nutritionists
– Only include diets that work
These aren’t fad diets such as the Atkins diet plan
– Provides detailed instructions, day to day, meal by dinner, task by task.
To help you organise your time, create reminders and alerts.
Monitor and track your current status to see what’s next
Easily upload your detox into iCal
– Includes a list of ‘What you will need’
Easily add the items and ingredients you need to your shopping list.
You can update your progress on Facebook and Twitter
– Lots of tips and tricks – Includes quick weight loss tips, cleansing tips, and health and fitness tips.

Detox Pro contains the following detoxes

=> Red Wine Detox
=> Lemon Detox Diet Plan
=> Natural Colon Cleanse Plan
=> Low Carb Detox
=> The Acne Attack Detox
The Simple 7-Day Detox Diet Plan
Get the FREE 3-Day Detox
=> The Anti-Aging Detox
=> Body Detox Cleanse
Plus More….

You should consult your doctor and a qualified health professional before you start a Detox Diet. Detox diets should not be used by pregnant women or children. A detox should be done only by those with liver disease or kidney disease. Our detoxes do not include alcohol or drug detoxification.

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*fixed bugs

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