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?The Daily Bible App (King James Bible).

This is an offline, free Holy Bible that helps christians study and read the scriptures daily. We wanted daily The King James Bible (KJV Bible app) devotionals to be more than just something that christians had to do, but something that christians wanted. The Daily Bible App, a habit-forming christian King James Bible KJV App, is simple, beautiful and inspiring. The Daily Bible is an easy-to-download light Bible. Get the KJV Bible App for FREE!


# Spend five minutes with God using our Daily Bible Devotionals # Dig deep into scripture and read the Bible verses word-for-word # Get Daily Bible Devotional Verse Of The Day reminders from King James Bible (KJV Bible app) # Write down your thoughts and inspirations about the daily Bible verse of each day and night prayer. Study scripture in depth. # Swipe left or right to jump from Holy Bible verses to King James Bible verses (KJV Bible), anywhere you are. # Share your Holy Bible journal history, past Bible verses, and KJV Bible App scriptures with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. # Turn on Audio to hear Prayer Music, and get audio-based prayer alarms. Coming soon: Audio Bible reading. # English Standard Version Bible (ESV Bible) is also available. If you have difficulty understanding the KJV Bible go to settings and switch to ESV Bible


# Mark as Read: The King James Bible and the KJV Bible app keep track of the Holy Bible chapters and the daily KJV Bible verses you’ve read # Keep a record: KJV Bible app allows you to view your past Daily Bible devotional journal thoughts and inspirations. # Share Scripture with family and friends to encourage them to read more of the Holy Bible daily. # Get Prayer Music with your Audio


# Study scripture daily with the King James Holy Bible app. This KJV Bible App contains the King James Bible. It is an effective KJV Bible study Bible. # King James Holy Bible (KJV) is also known as the KJV Bible App. # You can read the King James Bible Version offline # Share, Read, Give, and Share the bible app # Women love the beautiful devotionals and flower decorations.


# Email [email protected] to get the ESV Bible. King James Daily Bible app is a free English KJV Bible app that includes both the New Testament as well as the Old Testament. Our goal is to help Christians keep closer to God’s word and the Bible every day. Not only will you be reminded to regularly read the Holy Bible, but you’ll also find it more motivating to use the KJV Bible app through our Daily Promise Devotionals. You can highlight certain verses in red letter and access the entire King James Holy Bible. You don’t need to download additional files or go online. KJV Daily Bible continues to improve. We are working hard to make the Bible app easy and free. We appreciate your support. ?

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