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Crew connects your distributed workforce, from the frontline to corporate leaders, unifying communications and streamlining scheduling. It makes operations hum. Register now for a free membership

Learn why operators, customers, and teams love Crew.

“It is crucial that we communicate with and engage our frontline workers in order to achieve our goals. Crew makes it easy to reach all members of the team with important information. This is crucial at our scale and size.” – Steve Plank, Chief Technology Officer, Taco Bell Corporate, 10,000+ employees

– “Operators have too many things on their plates, they can’t add to it.” Crew removes the unnecessary steps so operators can concentrate on what is most important.” – Mazen Albtarseh, Vice President Operations & Chief People Officer at Tacala (a Taco Bell operator employing over 8,000 people)

“Crew makes employees feel valued and connected to the company. This helps reduce turnover. This platform has allowed us to communicate at a level that we never thought possible.” – Trevor Parris, Director of Compliance & Reporting, Affinity Living Group (4,100+ employees).

Crew is used by thousands of teams in every industry every day to provide support.

Engage employees using top-down announcements in a chat-like interface
* You can send messages to all, certain groups or have conversations 1:1.
* Communicate with your entire team, without exchanging numbers
* Find out who has read your messages
* Send unlimited photos or videos
* Locate-based groups can help you find out who is on-site
* Survey employees to get real-time feedback and keep an eye on sentiment
* Control multi-team communication and reflect your organization’s hierarchy
* Connect all your employees from one, system-level dashboard

* All employees can receive work schedules at any time via their phones
* Pick up additional shifts or coverage easily.
* Allow employees to track their wages and receive reminders for shifts
* Manage and track when employees are available for work

* Recognize great work by Gold Stars and give kudos.
* Inspire your team members and create a culture of collaboration
* Create a customized recognition program using badges and awards

* Manage and share files with coworkers (including videos and photos)
* Assign tasks and be notified when they are completed to coworkers

* Enterprise-level encryption and security that allows you to wipe company data off devices of terminated employees
* Use Content filters to automatically prevent inappropriate content
* Team members can be protected from harassment by using advanced content moderation and user blocking controls
You can protect your company from liability by creating your own opt-in and usage policies.
* Stop messages being sent to team members when they are not available
* Team members have easy access to accurate and productive information with advanced message flagging and user suspension features
* To ensure compliance with labor regulations (EOC and Fair Work Week), measure and enforce schedule postings’ timeliness.

* Scheduling and rostering (including Kronos. Infor. UltiPro.
* Insights and workflow (including Square. Docusign. Zendesk.
* Communications and benefits (including Facebook Slack, Qualtrics, Qualtrics and many more)

Crew App is Crew’s digital workplace platform that can be used by large and small businesses. Visit for more information.

Crew is committed to protecting your privacy. Crew is committed to protecting your privacy. Your data will be encrypted and not shared with any third-party.

Crew is free to use with your team. If you are interested, Crew Pro can be purchased in-app. This includes additional manager-oriented features, such as enhanced permissions and control. Terms of Service
Privacy Policy:

This release fixes numerous bugs reported by users like you.

If you see something that looks off, email us at Also, please consider leaving a review for us. It really helps.

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