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Sciensano - Belgium
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Coronalert is a mobile app that identifies when you have been in contact with someone who has received a COVID-19 positive diagnosis. It acts as a digital supplement to hygiene, mask wearing, social distance and social distance. It uses Bluetooth technology as well as Apple/Google exposure notification APIs. It does not store any personal information. It does not know who you are or whereabouts. Your privacy is protected.

The exposure recording function is activated every time you leave your house. This is the heartbeat of the application. Smartphones can exchange encrypted random identifiers via Bluetooth when enabled.
Random identifiers provide only information about the duration of an encounter. Random IDs cannot be used to identify the individual behind them. The Coronalert App doesn’t collect any information about the meeting location or its users.
The maximum incubation time of coronaviruses will determine the length of time that random identifiers are kept in your device’s exposure log. These random identifiers will be stored in the log for 14 days before being deleted. If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, and decides to share random IDs from their device, all previous contacts will be notified anonymously. The exposure will not be known by anyone. The identity of the infected person is not known.
Users affected by exposure notifications will also receive clear recommendations on how to proceed.
Important: It is not possible to access all information about the individuals notified at any time.

Coronalert App is your daily companion. It doesn’t know your identity. All functions and the life of the app offer 100% data protection.
Register without registration: Email addresses and names are not required.
– There are no conclusions about identities: Your smartphones do not exchange any identifiers with another person when you use the app to meet them.
– Decentralized storage: The data is only stored on the smartphone and deleted after 14 days.
– No third-party access: The federal government, Sciensano and Google cannot trace the individuals who report a COVID-19-related infection.
Coronalert App, the COVID-19 main application in Belgium, is connected to the national healthcare system (Sciensano). It is for people who live or work in Belgium and are visiting Belgium for a prolonged period.

Thank you all! More than 3,4 million of you have downloaded the application. We have improved the application. If you have a question, suggestion or if you encounter a problem using our application, please do not hesitate to contact us on our website.
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