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You don’t need to be on the go to miss out on valuable webinar content or join important online business meetings. ClickMeeting allows you to host or attend events quickly.

* Online meetings;
* Virtual classrooms
* On-demand, live, and automated webinars.

The ClickMeeting video conference app is an excellent choice for collaboration and knowledge sharing on the move. It features a fresh and intuitive UX design as well as stunning audio-video quality.

The app can now work in the background so that your event does not go off.

* Other apps can be used in the interim, such as to send a message or to contact a friend.
* Your screen is not active for longer periods of time.


What are the benefits of using the app?

* You don’t need to scroll the screen to view a presentation, a presenter or a chat. It all appears on one screen.
* Joining online events is easy.
* You will be amazed at the audio-video streaming quality! 🙂


ClickMeeting allows you to:

* Broadcast-paid webinars in which attendees pay to join your expert events online;
* Redirect your event attendees to a landing site of your choosing by using a custom Call-To-Action button
* Live stream your events on Facebook and YouTube
* Use the Q&A mode to interact with your audience in real time.
* Get the most out of files in your cloud (Dropbox OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Drive).

ClickMeeting: Inspire, Teach, Sell, and Collaborate

ClickMeeting, a web-based web conferencing platform that is loved by thousands worldwide business customers, can be accessed via a browser. Their webinar platform is a popular choice for solopreneurs and startups as well as large companies that have discovered video conferencing to be a great way to reach their goals.

ClickMeeting is a great way to have digital get-togethers.

* Marketers;
* Sales teams
* Remote teams
* Online trainers and teachers
* C-level executives;
* Professional and business associations
* HR specialists.

What kind of online events are you able to host using the ClickMeeting web-conferencing platform?

1. Live webinars. This is the most traditional and popular type of webinar. Your online event is scheduled at a particular time. Then, you meet your audience live. You can use live webinars for training and onboarding purposes, as well as to demo products and host sales events.
2. On-demand webinars. This option allows you to pre-record your webinar and make it available to your leads, contacts, or students to view whenever they wish. On-demand webinars are a great way to generate leads and run online courses.
3. Automated webinars. Automated webinars are different from on-demand events. You can schedule automated webinars for a particular day and time. Just like the above, you will need to first have recorded material and then enrich it with tools such as Call-To-Action or a video clip.
4. Online meetings. Online meetings can be planned in advance or spontaneously. Online meetings can be smaller gatherings that have up to 25 participants. They allow for people to see, hear and communicate with each other in a single virtual room. This is a great way to meet your customers, team members, and business partners.
5. Large virtual events. Massive virtual events powered by webcasting technology allow you to stream your content to up to 10k people!

With this update we made a bunch of fixes and improvements, including small changes in the account panel's buttons design and set up.

How to install ClickMeeting Webinars & Meetings App app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download ClickMeeting Webinars & Meetings App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.