Cat & Mouse .io: Chase The Rat

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Is it possible to survive the crowd without getting infected?

The goal of your quest is to escape the cats. Each captured mouse becomes a cat. Avoid touching and contamination Be the last living mouse!

You can now play the iconic cat-and mouse game on your smartphone! Cat & Mouse Chase the Rat: A new 3D addictive game with innumerable levels and mesmerizing colors. To escape the cats, use your finger. To avoid being caught, run fast, jump and climb on the walls. As the level progresses, the difficulty of the cat puzzles increases and they become smarter, faster and more hungry. You will become one of their cats if you are caught. You’ll need to chase other mice once you turn into a cat.

Check out these features in your new casual game for free:

? Gorgeous 3D graphics Exciting role-playing game Enjoy a 100% free game Enjoy addictive gameplay Simple controls Both for children and adults For girls and boys

How to be a Cat & Mouse master: Chase the Rat

? Run as fast as possible and escape the cats Jump over the walls to distract your pursuers To increase your chance of winning, collect all superpowers and turbos. Do you want to be the last remaining mouse? If you are unable to sow your pursuers, and you get caught by them, chase the mice and catch them all. You can become a cat and catch all the rats to make your team win.

The Truth About Homa

Homa Games produces Cat & Mouse: Chase the Rat. Homa is a leading publisher of Hyper Casual Games and Puzzle Games as well as Casual Games. Homa published games such as Sky Roller and NERF! Epic Pranks! Voodoo Pranks and Farm Land are just a few of the many games Homa published. Relax, relieve stress, anger, and train your brain with this relaxing, challenging, yet satisfying game. Show your skills and strategy to escape from enemies and be the last one standing! All the best!

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