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Launcher was created specifically for car use. This program can be used on your phone, on a pad or on the radio tape recorder using an android. The program allows you to start programs quickly and also provides information about the distance between the periods. This function requires that you grant permission to the background to receive GPS data. The program’s basic functions are: * You can set the main Launcher to open via the HOME button (it applies to radio tape recorders). * You can add as many applications as you wish to the principal screen for a quick start. It is possible to create multiple folders for selected applications. You can switch them easily on the principal screen (PRO). * The ability to edit existing applications. * Display of speed and passable distance, as well as a list of data. The principal screen displays the exact speed cars, calculated using GPS data. * Quick call to the list all applications The menu quickly opens with the list all applications. It allows you to sort the applications by name, installation date, and date of last update. If an icon is kept for too long, the mode to delete it will be displayed. * Menu slide using the onboard computer. Press the button at the top to open a slide or pull towards the right edge of your screen. * A menu slide can be set up as you wish. A slide displays the speed, passable distance, average speed, general operating time, speed at which you can accelerate from 0km/h up to 60km/h and 100km/h respectively, as well as the fastest time and speed for arrival within 1/4 mile. At any moment, you can drop data about a trip. You can choose when to display the data: today, tomorrow, every day, or all of the time. * The possibility to switch between miles and kilometers. * Program StartUp is required for radio tape recorders. * Three subjects on the principal screen are available by default. * Third-party support * Support for third-party icons for a pack of ice * Weather information on the principal screen (in case of the Internet presence) * An option to choose the picture * The possibility to change a color gamma for the used texts * Add or remove wall-paper from the wall * Automatic brightness control * Screen saver for clicking for hours with lots of settings: * Ability to change the size of everyone’s screen to an elema.

It is also available to users of the paid version. * An expanded set of widgets for Car Launcher: * Visualization – Analog hours – Analog speedometers – Address widget — Movement time ­ Maximum speed ­ Acceleration from 60km/h to 0 km/h – Acceleration from 0.01km/h to 60 km/h – Acceleration between 0km/h and 60km/h – Settings for selected applications: * The infinite scrolling Change of number of apps in a grid – Bend angle –

-Fixed the markup for theme #1, if it is displayed incorrectly after the update, you
need to reset the theme in edit mode.
-Added the ability to disable route recording in trip statistics.
-Added the ability to change any element in the widget by a long click without going into editing the theme.

How to install Car Launcher app?

Step 1:

Click on the official app store link above.

Step 2:

Tap "Install" to download Car Launcher from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.