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Fooducate was created to help you lose weight, and keep it off. Fooducate helps you understand what foods are best for your health, and provides detailed nutrition information and ingredient information. Fooducate allows you to track calories, macros and workouts. You can also get inspired, share recipes and tips with other health and wellness enthusiasts. Get the app and start your journey!

A complete diet tracker, calorie counter and nutrition coach in one that you can carry around with you.
+ Track your food, snacks, and drinks (water log).
+ Keep track of the quality of your calories and log your exercise
+ Track your macronutrients: protein, fats, carbs
+ Track your micronutrients: sodium, cholesterol, trans fat
+ Track your weight and follow a plan to reach your goal weight

+ To log food and find out how healthy it is, scan over 350,000 product codes
+ Each food will be assigned a personal nutrition grade (A-B, B, C or D).
+ Get suggestions for healthier food based on what you scan. Great for shopping
+ Share your favourite meals with the community and discover healthy trends & recipes

+ Keep track of your meals with a daily food journal
+ Get nutrition tips and health information from nutritionists
+ Learn weight loss tips & personalized diet recommendations
+ Share your journey with the community to get motivation, love, support, and encouragement

Fooducate analyses information on product nutrition labels and ingredient lists to produce Food Grades based upon the health benefits. You can scan to find things that manufacturers don’t want to reveal:
– Added sugars
Artificial sweeteners like aspartame
– trans fats
High fructose corn syrup
– MSG – monosodium glutamate
Food colorings that are controversial
GMO stands for genetically modified organisms
Additives and Preservatives
– allergy sensitive foods

* 1st Prize – US Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge
* Multiple times featured on the Google Play Store
* Media praise: USAToday. NYTimes. Dr. Oz. Oprah. WSJ. ABC. FOX.
* Recommendations from doctors, dietitians and fitness trainers.

Enter your age, gender, height, and activity level
Set your weight loss goals
You can customize your health conditions (cholesterol and blood sugar, pregnancy).
– Dietary goals (non-processed foods, vegetarian, keto)
Diabetes can be prevented by eating healthy foods
– discover foods for heart health
Better control of carbohydrate
– avoid MSG, HFCS, GMOs
Find out if you are gluten-free or allergic to any other allergens
Explore detailed graphs and charts to help you measure your goals
(Note: Some personalization features require premium accounts)

Fooducate Pro’s advanced nutrition tools will help you make the most out of your health journey. Fooducate Pro allows you to track and set your nutrient intake. Subscribers can also receive personalized diet recommendations for heart, diabetes, kidney disease and bone health. You can also export your data to share it with a healthcare professional, or to save for your own records.

* Top Fooducate Pro Features
–> Low-carb friendly foods
–> Ketogenic diet friendly food
–> Mediterranean diet friendly foods
–> Paleo friendly foods
–> Vegan food
–> Vegetarian food
–> Pescatarian food
–> Filters: GMO foods, plant-based, nightshades
Priority Support
–> No advertisements

* Gluten & Allergies
–> Gluten-free diet
–> Find out about gluten and other allergens in your food
–> Choose allergen free alternatives
–> Contains gluten, milk, lactose and soy.
–> Priority Support

* Diet Kickstart
Here’s a 10-day plan to get you started on your weight loss journey

* Pet food
Choose the best food for your cat and dog.

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