BMW Driver’s Guide

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The BMW Driver’s Guide** is an owner’s manual that’s vehicle specific for certain BMW models.

You will need an Internet connection to use this system for the first-time. Once you have entered your vehicle identification number (VIN), the Owner’s Manual for your vehicle will be downloaded. It is then accessible without an Internet connection. The Driver’s Guide can manage multiple vehicles.

The Owner’s Manual is a great way to get familiar with your vehicle’s features. You can also search by image or view the explanation videos. You will feel more in control of your vehicle the more you know it.

Depending on your vehicle, you will have the option to access all or some of the following content:
– The complete Owner’s Manual.
– Quick Reference.
– Search by topic
– Search by image to find features
– Explanatory animations
Quicklinks can be used to find solutions for specific situations.
– Explainations of the warning/indicator lamps.
Answers to commonly asked questions (FAQ).

* Depending on the year and model.
**The Driver’s Guide can be found at:
– BMW 1 Series, partly as of model year 2012. Fully as of 2015.
BMW 2 Series models
– BMW 3 Series, partly as of model year 2012. Fully as of 2014.
BMW 4 Series models
– BMW 5 Series, partly as of model year 2010 and fully as of 2011.
– BMW 6 Series, partly as of model year 2012. Fully as of 2013.
BMW 7 Series, model year 2009
BMW 8 Series, model year 2018,
– BMW X models, partly as of model year 2011 and fully as of 2014.
BMW Z4 model year 2009
– BMW M models, partly as of model year 2013 and fully as of 2014.
BMW i3
BMW i8

Additional PDF Owner’s Manuals:
– All BMW models up to 1998
All BMW i models up to 2013

Additional information is available in the brochures onboard literature.

BMW wants you to have a safe, enjoyable drive.

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