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AutoZen, the Car Auto Launcher and Navigation App is a great companion for your Android Phone.

With Turn by Turn Navigation, this car assistant app will help keep you focused while driving. AutoZen makes driving safer by allowing you to control your vehicle multimedia and receive calls. This app could be a good replacement for Android Auto for smartphones.

This Car Dash or Dashboard Assistant app, along with precise drive navigation, will allow you search for your contacts and control your favorite music players like Spotify, Deezer, Podcasts and Youtube from the main screen.

The Auto Launcher app can also be used as an auto companion while you’re riding your bike. This app is a great choice if you’re looking for a car launcher that can also be used as a navigation app for your bike.

Voice command makes it easy to control your car while in driving mode. This car launcher app can be used to control your car’s activities, whether you need an Auto Navigator app or Car Media Player app.

By simply placing your phone in a car phone holder, you can convert it into a dashboard for your vehicle. This free android car launcher app allows you to use GPS auto navigation to any address.

The Auto Car Launcher app has some key features:

You can drive safe with hands-free
This feature is great if you are a regular driver and enjoy reading and sending messages. This app can be used to read your messages aloud as you drive. It also allows you to send messages by simply talking. While reading or writing a message, keep your hands on the bike handle or steering wheel.

Effective Auto Navigator: Turn by turn Navigation
Multi launcher for cars with GPS features includes a built-in navigator that shows all cities around the globe. The app will help you navigate the route with ease by allowing you to select the address or search for it. The app will show speed cameras and sound alerts to help ensure safe travel. This app is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an auto navigation app that has an efficient guiding system as well as an address launcher.

The Perfect Car Multimedia Controller and Car Media Player:
You can easily add and manage all your media players to one app. This app is a great choice for carplay radio and carplay music lovers. This app allows you to control your vehicle’s multimedia controls and listen to your favourite music or podcast programs, all while driving. It’s easier than ever to control the volume and playlist.

You can easily make and receive calls:
This car multilauncher app allows you to manage your contacts and send and receive calls from just one tap. Talk to your family, friends, and colleagues while driving your car. AutoZen, one of the best car launcher apps for Android, allows you to control every aspect of your car with ease.

You can read and send messages without touching the phone
AutoZen Car Navigation & Launcher App will allow you to send and receive messages, making your life much easier. It can read and type messages by simply speaking. There is no need to be distracted when you have to read or send a text message. This app can be used to launch and navigate your smartphone using popular messaging apps such as whatsapp, facebook messenger, telegram and fb messenger.

This Cardash App is a Handy One:
The information you need is available at a glance, including the current weather, current battery level, phone signal, and other details.
Choose your driving mode (Auto, bike) and download it. Enjoy it free of charge!

* Music app Autostart in order to have multimedia control working (settings->media
* Improvements
* Bluetooth autostart possible fix
* battery Improvement
* Calendar widget
New Launcher option is here!!!
* "Cool walk" launcher
* Clock widget
You want a launcher and widgets?
try it now in Settings->themes & Appareance and select the Launcher type, between Map with navigation or Launcher with customizable pages and widgets
please send any feedback to

How to install AutoZen-Car Navigation&Launche app?

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Click on the official app store link above.

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Tap "Install" to download AutoZen-Car Navigation&Launche from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.