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Four Ways to Listen Audio Entertainment

1. Daily Audio News Updates: Get daily updates from top news sources such as The New York Times and The New Yorker, NPR or Fox News, The Wall Street Journals, ABC, CBS, CNN or The Washington Post, The Economist, Bloomberg and many more. 2. Audio Magazines – Listen to audio articles and magazines from The Economist and Wired as well as US Weekly, Rolling Stone and National Geographic. 3. Sleep, Relaxation and Meditation Audio – Listen to carefully curated audio content that will help you fall asleep with bedtime stories, relax and meditate with soothing sounds audio and our visualization and meditation audio content. 4. Audio Summaries – Get audio summaries of books, audio literary criticisms, audio book clubs, discussions, audio conversations, interviews, and many other audio summaries. All this content is available for free at Binge.

Listen to over 100+ million podcast episodes

We offer an exclusive podcast feature in our Android and Apple apps to enhance your listening experience. You can listen to your favourite podcasts, or you can choose a new podcast episode from our rich content library of over 100+ million episodes.

You will be treated like a VIP customers (including those who have signed up for the free trial) enjoy exclusive benefits. Enjoy exclusive VIP Rewards benefits, including the ability to choose from a carefully curated list of books that you can download free every month. This is our way to say thank you for being a member. Find the books you have on your Kindle and Kobo but couldn’t find time to read! allows you to read while on vacation, while commuting, or just to relax with audiobooks. You can browse books and download your favourite novels from home or on the move. You can choose from fiction, crime, mystery and thriller books as well as non-fiction, health, wellness, politics, and all other genres. allows you to find the best-selling books you love right now. We have thousands of bestseller audiobooks available to browse. Audiobooks can be downloaded for offline listening – great for long drives, flights, or if your Kindle or Kobo is lost. You can use the customizable sleep timer to create a bedtime audiobook. This is a great way to unwind after a long day.


You’ll find the book you want with more than 300,000 titles available. * Search by genre to discover other listeners and access the most recent fiction and bible readings. * Listen to audiobooks on your phone instead of reading them on your Kobo.


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